February 26, 2015 – GO Zebra Trade-In Rebate Program Announced

zebra technologies logoZebra Technologies Inc.’s GO Zebra Trade-In Rebate Program is currently in effect. It is running now until December 31, 2015.

Get up to $500 cash back can be earned with the purchase of a new Zebra printer if you trade in your old printer. And the trade in doesn’t have to be a Zebra printer, competitors’ model printers are also permitted. Plus, add up to another $50 with the additional purchase of 3 or more years of ZebraCare service agreement when you buy a new Zebra tabletop model.

All that is required to register for a rebate is for it to be submitted 90 days from the date of invoice, and the invoice must show the printers’ serial number.

List of Eligible Printer Purchases:
ZT410 / ZT420
QLn220 / QLn220 HC
QLn320 / QLn320 HC
RW 420 / RW 420 Print Station
ZT220 / ZT230
iMZ220 / iMZ320
P4T / RP4T
ZE500 / ZE500R
ZXP Series 7 Dual-Sided Laminator
ZXP Series 8 Dual-Sided Laminator
ZXP Series 7 SingleSided Laminator
ZXP Series 8 SingleSided Laminator
ZXP Series 8 Dual-Sided
ZXP Series 7 Dual-Sided
ZXP Series 3 Dual-Sided
ZXP Series 8 Single-Sided
ZXP Series 7 Single-Sided
ZXP Series 3 Single-Sided

For further information on the complete Zebra Trade-In Program, click here or call us as (800) 643-2664 and immediately talk to one of our friendly representatives; or chat us up on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn!


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