Motorola Barcode Scanner Repair

Mail-in service with low $249 flat-labor rate!*

Motorola Barcode Scanner Repair Service

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Motorola Barcode Scanner Repair

Send your Motorola barcode scanners to one of our EXPRESS Repair Centers for fast, affordable service!
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Benefits of using one of our EXPRESS Repair Centers℠ for Motorola barcode scanners:

Live Consultants
Talk to a live person right away – NO PROMPTS!
Faster Scheduling
Schedule service in less than 5 Minutes
Flat-Labor Rate
Pay one low price for labor*
One of our many technicians will begin work on your product immediately when it arrives at one of our repair centers.
No-Fee Guarantee
No charge if your product is beyond-economical-repair.**
60 Day Warranty
All repairs are guaranteed to fix your product, or we’ll make it right!

Motorola Barcode Scanner Models We Service

Motorola barcode scanner repair models

Motorola DS6707
Motorola DS6708
Motorola DS3508
Motorola DS3578
Motorola DS4208
Motorola DS6878
Motorola DS9208
Motorola DS9808
Motorola ES400
Motorola LI4278
Motorola MC1000
Motorola MC17
Motorola MC2100
Motorola MC3000
Motorola MC3090
Motorola MC3100
Motorola MC3190
Motorola MC40
Motorola MC50
Motorola MC5040
Motorola MC55

Motorola MC55A0
Motorola MC55N0
Motorola MC65
Motorola MC70
Motorola MC7090
Motorola MC75
Motorola MC9000
Motorola MC9010
Motorola MC9052
Motorola MC9060
Motorola MC9062
Motorola MC9090
Motorola MC9090g
Motorola MC9090j
Motorola MC9190
Motorola MK1200
Motorola MK4000
Motorola MK500
Motorola MS500
Motorola MS12XX
Motorola MS4400
Motorola MS954

Motorola MT2000
Motorola P370
Motorola P470
Motorola PPT8860
Motorola RD5000
Motorola RS309
Motorola RS409
Motorola RS507
Motorola SPT1800
Motorola VC5090
Motorola VC6090
Motorola VC6096
Motorola VRC3900
Motorola VRC5090
Motorola VRC6900
Motorola WT4000
and more.

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One of our EXPRESS Repair Centers are close by!
We have many EXPRESS Repair Centers across the United States and Canada. Each facility has certified technicians ready to diagnose your Motorola barcode scanner right away.