Mobile Workstations

For thermal barcode label printing and scanning in the warehouse!

Newcastle Systems Mobile Workstations

A Warehouse “Game Changer”

Improve speed, capacity, infrastructure costs and employee productivity with Mobile Powered Workstations

Mobile Workstations

newcastle systems

newcastle systems entry-level ec series

Entry-Level EC Series

Entry-level cart solution offering excellent price to performance ratio. Ideal for powering a laptop, barcode printer & scanner for up to 8+ hours.

newcastle systems mid-range nb Series

Mid-Range NB Series

Rechargeable power with the ability to run up to 4 devices at once for up to 8-12+ hours. With a slotted mast system, shelves & accessories can be adapted for each user’s needs in seconds.

newcastle systems heavy-duty pc series

Heavy-Duty PC Series

Heavy-duty model with a weight capacity of 400 lbs & plenty of shelf space for inventory and tools. Rechargeable power with the ability to run several devices at once for 8-12+ hours of normal use.

newcastle systems lt series laptop cart

LT Series Laptop Cart

Our most economical cart system designed for industrial environments and mobile computing/light printing applications for 4–8+ hrs. Typical ROI in about 90 days.

newcastle systems ergonomic apex series

Ergonomic Apex Series

Cart with height-adjustable ergonomic mast raises the bar for workplace mobility, flexibility, safety and comfort. Go from standing to sitting in seconds with the touch of a button.

newcastle systems qc series

Quality Testing Stations

Designed for mobile quality testing and other processes requiring vast storage capabilities. Holds up to 3 locking storage drawers for tools, calipers and much more.

newcastle systems fh series health testing stations

Health Testing Stations

Designed to accommodate mobile printing for outdoor testing sites, temporary healthcare facilities and more. Maintain social distancing by enabling “personal” mobile printing, scanning, computing, etc.

newcastle systems mobile power for picking carts

Power for Picking Carts

Add mobile power to your existing picking cart to increase velocity and accuracy for picking single line items, batch order picking, manual and RF picking as well as “Pick & Pack” for fast-moving items.

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