Barcode Scanner Buyback Program

We purchase your old barcode scanners and give you cash!

Barcode Scanner Buyback Program

Sell Your Barcode Scanners To Us!

Why sell to us?

It is not uncommon for an organization to have a backroom or warehouse filled with obsolete barcode scanners, mobile devices, & computer equipment.

Why let it sit on your shelves? Did you know that MIDCOM is one of the largest buyers of pre-owned barcode and data collection equipment?

We’ll purchase your end-of-life or surplus equipment for cash. Our Buyback Program lets you earn money back on your equipment, and re-invest those dollars into brand-new or quality refurbished products to suit your business needs.

Our team of experts will evaluate your old equipment and give you the best return possible.

Brands we buy: Motorola, Zebra, Symbol, Honeywell and Intermec

Models we are currently purchasing: MC9190 (GA, GJ, G9, G3), MC92N0 (GA, GJ, G9, GL, GP), CK71, CK3x, CK75

barcode scanner buyback program

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