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Zebra Printer Repair Service Austin


Zebra printer repair Austin call (512) 900-8488 for MIDCOM services, where we take the worry out of your Zebra printer repair.

Zebra Printer Not Working?

  • My Zebra printer isn’t printing any labels
  • My Zebra printer is skipping labels
  • The barcodes being printed are unreadable or poor quality
  • My Zebra printer stopped printing out of nowhere
  • My Zebra printer is showing error codes
  • Despite changing the battery our Zebra printer doesn’t work
  • Our Zebra printer prints a few labels then stops
  • I can’t get ahold of Zebra Technologies for support
  • Our Zebra printer warranty expired
  • I can’t find a local company who can get here fast enough
  • I need routine maintenance done on my Zebra printer
  • Our business operations rely on our Zebra printers

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zebra business partner printer repair specialist

Zebra Business Partner Printer Repair Austin

We are a Zebra Business Partner Printer Repair Specialist company in Austin. This means our technicians have been certified by Zebra Technologies through extensive training and testing to repair their thermal label printers. Let our knowledge and experience get your Zebra printers operational today!

3,500 Friendly Certified Technicians Nationwide Are Ready To Come To Your Business

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“Tech arrived on time, was friendly and professional, and completed repairs quickly, with confidence and knowledge. Will use again!”

-Steve S. – Google Review


We had 4 line printers that needed to be checked, one was definitely broken. MIDCOM quickly answered my inquiry about service and scheduled a technician to come out the next day. After the technician arrived, they assessed the damage and within minutes received a parts quote from MIDCOM so that service could be completed and we could be back to work. Very happy with MIDCOM!

-Mary M – Google Review


“It was a pleasure to be able to reach a customer service rep immediately and very polite. They’re service rep came a scheduled and quickly fixed our IBM Infoprint and he too was very courteous.”

-Couch Distributing Co. – Google Review

zebra printer repair austin area

Zebra Printer Repair Austin Area

Our Zebra printer repair service technicians cover all of Austin and the surrounding area. Get a friendly service technician right to your business at a great affordable rate. Servicing Austin area since 1982!

zebra certified technicians

Zebra Repair Certified Technicians in Austin

Proud member of Zebra Technologies partner program. This means we are recognized by Zebra Technologies for our knowledge of Zebra repair & Zebra printer sales throughout the years. Let our sales team help you find the right solution for your needs today.

fast onsite printer repair coverage plan oem better

Better Than The Manufacturer’s Coverage Plan

  • Priority Response
  • Fix or Replace Protection
  • Onsite Repair in 6 Business Hours
  • All Parts Included
  • Unlimited Service Calls
  • Largest Nationwide Service

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Zebra ZT610 Repair

Zebra ZT610 Repair & Service

Zebra ZT620 Repair

Zebra ZT620 Repair & Service

zebra zt510 repair

Zebra ZT510 Repair & Service

zebra zm400 repair

Zebra ZM400 Repair & Service

zebra 110xi4 repair

Zebra 110Xi4 Repair & Service

zebra 140xi4 repair

Zebra 140Xi4 Repair & Service

zebra 170xi4 repair

Zebra 170Xi4 Repair & Service

zebra 220xi4 repair

Zebra 220xi4 Repair & Service

zebra 110xiIII plus repair

Zebra 110XiIII Plus Repair & Service

zebra 140xiIII plus repair

Zebra 140XiIII Plus Repair & Service

Zebra 170xiIII Plus repair

Zebra 170XiIII Plus Repair & Service

zebra 220xiiii plus repair

Zebra 220XiIII Plus Repair & Service

zebra zm600 repair

Zebra ZM600 Repair & Service

zebra 105sl repair

Zebra 105SL Repair & Service

zebra 105sl plus repair

Zebra 105SL Plus Repair & Service

zebra s4m repair

Zebra S4M Repair & Service

zebra z4m repair

Zebra Z4M Repair & Service

zebra qln420-mobile-printer

Zebra QLn420 Repair & Service (depot only)

zebra qln320 mobile printer

Zebra QLn320 Repair & Service (depot only)

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ZT610, ZT620, ZT510, ZM4+, 110xiI, 110xiII, 110XiIII, 110xi4, 140XiI, 140XiII, 140XiIII, 140xi4, 170XiI, 170XiII, 170XiIII, 170xi4, 220xiI, 220xiII, 220xiIII, 220Xi4, 110XiIIIPlus, 140XiIIIPlus, 170XiIIIPlus, 220XiIIIPlus, Z Series, ZM400, ZM600, 105SL, S4M, EM 220, 90XiI, 90XiII, 90XiIIIplus, S300, S400, S500, S600, Z4000, Z4M, QLn420 and QLn320.


Zebra printer service Austin TX call (512) 900-8488 for MIDCOM services, where we are confident enough in our work to back it, making your Zebra® printer service risk free. We offer one of the best service guarantees in the business with all of our repairs. This includes our risk-free policy for depot repairs. If you send us your printer, and after an assessment, we find it is too far gone or too expensive to fix we will not charge you our flat rate. Also, if for some reason your repair doesn’t last, although we are confident it will, all of our repairs are backed by an excellent warranty. Call today to find out more.


Zebra printer maintenance Austin Texas call (512) 900-8488 so we can customize a maintenance plan that works for you. We offer excellent service to companies of all types and sizes, with any number of printers, to all of Austin and nearby counties such as the following zip codes as well as any others: 78745, 78753, 78741, 78744, 78758, 78704, 78748, 78759, 78749, 78723, 78727, 78746, 78729, 78750, 78702, 78731, 78717, 78757, 78728, 78724, 78752, 78734, 78703, 78705, 78726, 78739, 78735, 78751, 78747, 78754, 78721, 78738, 78737, 78732, 78733, and 78730. Our Zebra printer maintenance plans are trusted by tons of organizations nationwide. Call for more information.


Zebra printer repairs Austin TX call (512) 900-8488 and talk to one of our knowledgeable, well-trained service managers. In order to get your Zebra printer repairs underway as fast as possible, we answer all of our own phones. No pesky automated machines! We want to understand the problem and lay out your best options right when you call. We can also offer you quotes, right then and there, both over the phone and written. Call now to get started!


Zebra printers Austin Texas call (512) 900-8488 for speedy service you can count on. MIDCOM provides unparalleled service on Zebra printers to Austin and all of the adjacent cities including but not limited to Jollyville TX, Anderson Mill TX, Pflugerville TX, Lakeway TX, Cedar Park TX, Round Rock TX, Kyle TX, Leander TX, Georgetown TX, Lockhart TX, Taylor TX, San Marcos TX, Canyon Lake TX, New Braunfels TX, and Seguin TX. Call to learn more about why you should depend on MIDCOM for your Zebra printer needs.

10 Rules To Keep Your Zebra Printer Operational

  1. One of the greatest failures occurring in Zebra thermal barcode printers is due to the printheads not
    being cleaned regularly. A good rule of thumb is to clean the printhead on each of your Zebra thermal
    printers every time you replace a ribbon or roll of paper. It takes only about a minute and this
    action could save you thousands of dollars over the life of the printer. Follow the instructions in
    your User’s Manual as to the type of cleaning solvent to be used for your specific model.
  2. If you feel you are burning out printheads too often on your Zebra thermal printer, you may want to
    check your User’s Manual for the recommended heat and darkness settings. An incorrect
    setting often will reduce the printhead life and could cost you thousands of dollars over the life of
    the printer.
  3. Dust residing on the Media Sensor can cause major service issues. The Media Sensor is the
    mechanism that insures that the gap between the paper and the printhead remains constant.
    Most people purchase a bottle of “canned air” and simply give the Media Sensor a few quick
    blasts of air, which will usually clear out any dust residue left over from the roll paper. You
    should consider doing this regularly, every time you change the ribbon or a roll of paper. It will
    only take a few seconds and it will ensure more up-time.
  4. If you are using a ribbon in your Zebra thermal printer, be sure that it is a good quality ribbon. Lower
    cost ribbons are often not manufactured to the exact wax and/or resin specifications of your
    printer and could cause a wax build-up on the platen. Wax build-up can cause poor print quality
    resulting in barcode reliability issues.
  5. If you are using a Zebra thermal printer that does not use a ribbon (typically called a Direct Thermal
    printer vs. a Thermal Transfer printer that does use ribbons) and you are constantly having
    problems with defective printheads, you may want to consider either changing your printer to a
    Thermal Transfer printer or using a better quality paper. A Thermal Transfer printer, due to the
    position of the ribbon between the printhead and the label paper, can greatly extend the life of
    thermal printheads, as paper is not directly rubbing against the printhead itself and causing
  6. A good rule of thumb, when purchasing new ribbons on Zebra thermal transfer printers, is to purchase
    a ribbon that is slightly wider than the actual labels that you are using. For instance, if the label
    that you are using is 4.1″ in width, then you may want to consider purchasing ribbons that are
    4.33″ in width.
  7. Are you wearing out printheads? If so, here is something you may want to check. Be sure that
    you are not using low grade label paper if you are using Direct Thermal printers. Often bargain
    priced rolls of paper really are not a “bargain”. Why? Because low grade paper often is coarser
    and can cause more wear on the printheads. We have seen situations with even as high as
    50% more wear on the printhead. As you may know, printheads in thermal printers are very
    expensive. It may make sense to pay a little more for paper, as it is a fraction of the cost
    compared to replacing printheads more often. Remember, the manufacturers of thermal
    printers consider the printheads as consumables that the end-user is responsible to replace.
    These consumables run into the hundreds of dollars each.
  8. Do you have burned-out printhead elements on your thermal printer? Here is how to tell with a
    PAUSE TEST. There may be situations where it looks like information is missing on your labels
    and/or barcodes when they are being printed. There is always a chance that one or more of the
    print elements in your thermal printer printhead may be burned out. Before calling someone for
    Zebra thermal printer repair, you may want to try this simple test that only takes a few moments to see
    if in fact it is your print elements. Keep in mind that some manufacturers considers printheads
    as consumables and they must be replaced from time to time. Typically, this is performed by a
    qualified Zebra printer repair technician. This self test can be used to print test labels when you make
    adjustments to the thermal printer’s mechanical assemblies to determine if any of the printhead
    elements are not working.
  9. What are printer and print server alerts? Should you pay attention to them? Alerts give you the
    ability to proactively manage your Zebra thermal printer and print server. If the printer or print server
    has an error, you would be sent an alert notifying you of the situation. The manufacturer Zebra
    uses ZebraNet Bridge that gives you control to monitor your bar code printers from anywhere,
    and documents the alerts to a log file. A soon as ZebraNet Bridge receives an alert, the alert
    appears in the Events tab. If you have not viewed the alert yet in the Events tab, the box in the
    status bar at the bottom of the application shows:

    – New alert
    – Alert type
    – Alert severity by color

    You can configure ZebraNet Bridge to notify you by blinking the application tab in the task bar.
    Remember, ZebraNet Bridge only logs alerts that occur while the application is running. A good
    Zebra repair company sees this issue often and will be able to supply you with a new Zebra
    printhead and will also fully check out your Zebra printer. A steady program that includes Zebra
    printer maintenance will help you keep your printer up and running longer. Check with the
    manufacturer of your thermal printer to see what they offer to manager your thermal printer.

  10. Clean the exterior and interior area of your Zebra thermal printer often. To keep your Zebra thermal printer
    running optimally, remember to clean the interior and exterior of the printer. When these areas
    are dirty, the chance of debris getting into the wrong area is increased. To clean the exterior
    surfaces of the printer use a lint-free cloth. Do not use harsh or abrasive cleaning agents or
    solvents. If necessary, a mild detergent solution or desktop cleaner may be used sparingly. You
    should inspect the interior area after every four rolls of media. Remove any dirt and lint from the
    interior of the printer using a soft bristle brush and/or vacuum cleaner. A good Zebra thermal printer
    repair company sees this issue often and will be able to supply you with a new Zebra thermal printer
    printhead and will also fully check out your Zebra thermal printer. A steady program that includes
    Zebra thermal printer maintenance will help you keep your Zebra thermal printer up and running longer.

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78957 Smithville, TX Bastrop 512
78959 Waelder, TX Gonzales 512

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