3 Strategies to Improve E-Commerce Fulfillment

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, the e-commerce industry was flourishing at a rapid pace. People have always been interested in the convenience offered by online shopping as they want the products delivered to their doorstep within a span of days or hours.

Of course, after the global pandemic outbreak, more and more businesses started taking an interest in e-commerce, and the market has come a long way. But to ensure your loyal customer base stays intact, e-commerce fulfillment is essential.

Read on to learn the top 3 strategies to improve e-commerce fulfillment.

What is E-Commerce Fulfillment?
E-commerce fulfillment is the process of completing an order by delivering the ordered products to customers. Many steps are involved in this process, including:

  • Processing of online orders
  • Inventory monitoring to ensure availability of the ordered product
  • Picking the products from the inventory
  • Packaging
  • Transporting/delivering packaged products to customers

Strategies to Improve E-Commerce Fulfillment
While it may sound like a simple process, fulfillment of e-commerce orders can get tricky, especially when your business gets flooded with orders. Here are the top 3 strategies to improve e-commerce fulfillment.
3 ecomerce strategies fulfillment
1. Product Tracking
You should track that product in the inventory whenever an order is placed. It helps in getting a clear picture of how soon the order can be delivered to the customer. Moreover, this strategy effectively prevents delays and loss of products in the process. Instead of manual tracking, consider adding computerized elements to check the inventory.

Moreover, the labeling of products makes product tracking a breeze.

2. Locate Products and Warehouses Strategically
Location plays an important role in how quickly the order can be fulfilled. Generally, customers ordering online want their order delivered quickly with minimal shipping.

To ensure these demands are met, two approaches can be taken. First, group similar products and place them in locations that allow employees to access them instead of scattering products everywhere.

Second, ensure your warehouse is closer to your target market, i.e., consumers. It reduces the distance, thus reducing delivery fare.
3 ecomerce strategies tracking orders
3. Process Return Order Quickly
In case customers receive damaged products or aren’t satisfied with the items, you might get return orders. You must process these orders as soon as possible to ensure customer satisfaction. Most online shoppers want to buy from places where they can easily return the order. It also increases the rate of repeat customers. Moreover, it gives you the opportunity to prevent product loss and repair items for reselling.

Final Thoughts

These were the 3 strategies to improve e-commerce fulfillment. Though it requires putting in a lot of extra effort, anything that can make the shipment or delivery process faster will bear fruit and help you fulfill orders, all while keeping customers satisfied.

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