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barcode scanning short range
What are short range barcode scanners? by Barry Barcode If you’ve been reading MIDCOM’s recent blogs, you might get the impression we favor long range barcode scanners due to my recent article written all about them in this article, or my buddy, Timmy Thermal’s recent blog post about retroreflective labels. It’s true we love barcode scanners and labels, but to think we favor long range is crazy! I love all barcode scanners. So today forRead More

Improve Patient Healthcare Visibility

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on August 15, 2017

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Patient safety is the most important healthcare concern, how can visibility improve it? by Barry Barcode In the healthcare industry and looking to further optimize efficiencies and improve visibility within your operations? Zebra Technologies’ MC40-HC, a handheld computer specially designed for healthcare use, might be an option to consider. The all-touch MC40-HC utilizes Android operating system, plus includes an additional layer of security with the built-in Mobility Extensions (Mx), providing patient confidentiality and safety. AsRead More

smarter warehouse zebra mobile hand-held devices

How Can You Make Your Warehouse Smarter With Zebra Mobile Hand-Held Devices?

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on August 1, 2017

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by Barry Barcode Looking for ways to optimize your supply chain processes and grow your warehouse distribution operations? Smarter warehouse is the answer with smart technology. Zebra mobile hand-held devices for Android provide warehouse operations with all the rugged versatility and security features necessary to meet the demands required in warehousing. Benefits To Make Your Warehouse Smarter: Ease of use & familiarity due to its world-wide popularity – thus requiring less training time for employees,Read More

printer contracts back-to-school
by Peter Printer It’s August and we’re closing in on the end of summer vacation for our American school systems. Teachers will be gearing up to teach their students everything from world history to microbiology and one of their biggest allies in the quest to educate our future is the beloved laser printer. What else is part of our curriculum? Maybe they’re going to take a moment to explain to their students Murphy’s Law??? Murphy’sRead More

How Is Android Helping The Manufacturing Worforce With Mobility?

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on July 27, 2017

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So how is Android helping the manufacturing mobile workforce? by Barry Barcode Rugged, Android devices such as mobile barcode scanning computers, tablets, handheld devices, are everywhere and are becoming increasingly popular in the manufacturing sector. Choosing Android over other operating systems is also gaining in popularity all over the globe, being the world’s most popular, dominant mobile operating system. In regards to helping the manufacturing industry, it provides many benefits to users and organizations toRead More

by Barry Barcode Barcode scanners are an essential must if you are looking to optimize your business practices regarding inventory management. Barcode scanners can make inventory taking a much easier task. If you don’t need them all the time, then renting barcode scanners when you do can be a smart decision. Some of the most common reasons to rent are: During peak seasons Doing quarterly, semi-annual, or annual inventory Equipment is being maintenanced Special eventsRead More

grocery store inventory control
What is the importance of inventory control in grocery stores? by Barry Barcode When you ask a grocery store how well their inventory is controlled, a common answer may be “our warehouse inventory is properly controlled.” The issue with this response is it doesn’t give the aura of control within your own store, despite the knowledge of your wholesale supply. To know the ins and outs of your own grocery store inventory is a sleeperRead More

refurbished thermal label printers productivity
Sure refurbished thermal label printers cost less, but can they increase productivity? Timmy Thermal So what are benefits of buying refurbished thermal label printers over brand new ones. Every year companies purchase tons of new thermal label printers, either because they don’t know about refurbished options or because they’ve heard one too many myths about them. “Aren’t they broken when you get them?” they say. “That’s just someone else’s trash,” says another. “I’m not payingRead More

barcode scanning frequent questions
What are frequently asked questions about barcode scanning? by Barry Barcode I love talking about barcoding and thought it might be time for a quick review of the ins and outs of barcoding … my favorite topic! Why Barcodes? Barcodes allow for the easy storage and communication of information through encoding. The information is encoded in a visual pattern that can be then scanned with a barcode scanner and sent to a computer. The combinationRead More

barcode scanners 6 key features
What are 6 key features to consider before purchasing your next mobile barcode scanner handheld computer? by Barry Barcode In the market for a new mobile barcode scanner handheld computer? So what are the features needed on mobile barcode scanner handheld computer for better asset tracking. Entering data faster and more accurately certainly isn’t rocket science but it sure is crucial when tracking your valuable assets. This is extremely true when it is imperative thatRead More