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thermal labels any application
Different applications will need specific custom labels. What are they? by Timmy Thermal We live in the age of mass customization and personalization where Audiences and consumers prefer uniqueness and personalization over everything else. Every successful business knows and takes advantage of this fact. Even in the mass production of

How are new technologies improving turnaround times for inventory control? by Barry Barcode The world of technology and logistics is going through sweeping changes. However, the average inventory control systems in warehousing are still mired in the past. If we were to compare the warehouse environment with that of a
freezer grade thermal labels
Is warehousing and storing of frozen goods hard to label for proper organization? by Timmy Thermal If you work in an environment that is around freezing, have you noticed that thermal labels won’t stick as well as your tongue does when it touches metal? Are your thermal labels not functioning
thermal printers sap auto-id productivity
How can thermal printers with SAP AG’s Auto-ID infrastructures improve productivity? by Timmy Thermal Zebra Technologies and SATO America have been at the forefront of the development of cutting edge industrial and commercial machinery. Remaining true to their reputation for innovation, they have developed some of the world’s first XML-enabled
mobility products automotive industry 2019
Automobiles are becoming more and more complex – how are automotive manufacturer’s keeping up in 2019? by Barry Barcode When we talk about the automotive industry, the past year has seen many revolutionary changes. These include rapidly changing customer habits as well as the introduction and implementation of many new
zebra field service management
How is Zebra helping the field service industry? by Timmy Thermal Various technologies such as predictive science and high levels of automation are set to be the very next evolution in highly innovative field service management services. This holds true not just for isolated cases but also for a plethora

What are Zebra’s retail solutions for the holiday season? by Barry Barcode This year, many experts are using extrapolated statistics taken from earlier years to confidently predict that consumers will be spending an average of 4.1 percent more than the corresponding figures last year. This means that sales worth billions
thermal printer history
Here is a brief history of thermal printers as they exist today! by Timmy Thermal A thermal printer or for that matter, an electrothermal printer is a type of printer that basically uses heated pins to in effect “burn” images onto several different types of heat sensitive paper. These printers
future thermal barcode label printing
The future of thermal barcode label printing has landed! by Timmy Thermal SATO America teased the masses with a teaser video that showed nothing but a thermal label barcode printer floating through space, heading towards Earth, and a page with a countdown timer that has now expired. The video shows
warehouse workflows high speed
What are Zebra’s newest technologies that can help speed up the supply chain workflow? by Timmy Thermal Quite recently, forklifts have shown their worth throughout the supply chain. As a matter of fact, forklifts have now successfully transformed from material handling vehicles into full-fledged information technology platforms in their own


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