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zebra thermal barcode printer maintenance tips
15 maintenance tips to keep your Zebra thermal barcode printer operational. by Timmy Thermal If a Zebra thermal barcode printer isn’t operational, it can greatly effect productivity. So many times we get calls for repair that could have been prevented with proper maintenance. As an IT guy, it’s definitely frustrating dealing with employees complaining about not being able to do their job. That’s why we collected the top 15 maintenance tips for Zebra thermal barcodeRead More
wireless barcode printing
How to remove the tether with wireless barcode printing? Timmy Thermal More and more businesses are investing in wireless barcode printers. For wireless barcode printing in warehouses, portable direct-thermal printers are still most common, but wireless tabletop printers are gaining in popularity. Businesses are finding that they can provide advantages for them but there are several factors to consider.Read More
manufacturing process traceability
How can a company control traceabiliy of their assets in the manufacturing process? by Barry Barcode Traceability in the manufacturing process is as extremely complex and multi-faceted as it sounds. Manufacturers must be able to timely track and trace each component of their products from pre-production all the way through to delivery, and after; while adhering to the complexities of globalization and layers of government regulations, safety and environmental concerns, and increased competitive markets. AsRead More
automated labeling honeywell
How is a National swimming pool manufacturing company benefiting from automated labeling? Timmy Thermal A great example of why and how you can benefit from the move to an automated labeling is the company AstralPool, an international swimming pool and spa manufacturer. By switching to a new system they saved 60-70% in time savings, as well as a reduction in label wastage. How did they do this you ask? Well, until recently they had beenRead More
sato logistic track trace solutions
How can a company keep up with the speed of today’s logistics supply chain challenges? by Timmy Thermal Providing a high degree of customer service and providing efficient and effective service throughout the process is paramount in the logistics and supply chain industry. It is a very visible and demanding industry, ensuring information about the status of the product is collected and accessible from the sale through delivery and every step in between throughout theRead More
how to fix ribbon wrinkle
How to fix ribbon wrinkle on a thermal label printer. 6 easy steps. by Timmy Thermal We get a lot of questions about ribbon wrinkle — what are the causes, and what can be done to fix it? In most cases the ribbon wrinkle is going to need a qualified technician to go ahead and take a look at the printer because it is almost always going to be a mechanical adjustment to correct theRead More
rugged datamax-oneil rl4

How Rugged Is The Honeywell (Datamax-O’Neil) RL4e?

Posted by eric on April 19, 2017
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So how rugged is the Honeywell (Datamax-O’Neil) RL4e? How rugged do you need it? by Timmy Thermal We’ve all been there, that moment where time passes slowly as your phone, tablet or mobile printer slips from your hands and comes crashing down to the ground by earth’s gravity. No need to worry any longer as the Honeywell (Datamax-O’Neil) RL4e portable Label Printer is paving a new path in rugged mobile printers for even the harshestRead More
zebra lifeguard android
How can Zebra LifeGuard protect your mobile device? by Barry Barcode OS security is the top concern for businesses buying new mobile computers today. As cyber-attacks become more and more frequent, users and businesses have become more and more concerned with the level of OS (operating system) security. Product features and price used to be top choice, but now are less of a priority. Zebra Technologies’ LifeGuard for Android is the industry’s first security lifecycleRead More
zebra smartpack transprotation logistics
How can the Zebra SmartPack Solution Suite help loading efficiencies for transportation and logistics? by Timmy Thermal Zebra Technologies just announced their new SmartPack Trailer. This new product is designed to provide transportation and freight carriers, for both ground and air, improved and “smarter” real-time operational visibility with their data collection. The SmartPack Trailer provides valuable and insightful operational data on load densities and fullness of trailers, as well as providing images and stats onRead More
So, how will the factory of the future look? by Timmy Thermal Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency. Here I go again. But it is true. Everyone and everything is looking to be more efficient and lean, and find more innovative ways to do things quicker, more effective and to save money, energy use and get rid of excess waste. It is the way of the future, if you want to be viable and still operating. Smart, progressiveRead More