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warehouse efficiency new year
According to expert opinions, matters relating to the global supply chain are expected to ease up in 2023, in part due to all the efforts by businesses to improve the level of efficiency in the supply chain. As we head into the new year, many businesses are determined to continue

Automation is the key to improving the performance and efficiency of your warehouse. But most of all, it promotes sustainability. When space is effectively utilized, material handling is optimized, and manual processes are automated, sustainability automatically becomes an inherent part of logistics. But to do so, smart fulfillment solutions are
warehouse communication benefits
Running a logistics business requires effective communication to reach success. But most warehouses today are still using conventional methods for communicating, which are not only inadequate, but they are also the reason for low warehouse efficiency. Warehouses lack proper communication channels because they do not realize how to boost production.

With millions of companies operating worldwide, the global supply chain has grown more extensive than ever before, and the impact of the supply chain on the environment has become a topic of interest for many businesses, environmental scientists, and consumers. With ongoing supply chain problems, it is becoming more and
logistic operation future proofing drone
When we think about the future of logistics and all of the five to ten-year plans companies have come up with and implemented, we can see that the future has arrived much sooner than anticipated. COVID-19 and the resulting supply chain interruptions can be a major cause, making many retail

A leading manufacturer that provides mounting solutions for almost all devices of varying sizes, including smartphones, tablets, printers, PCs, etc., was able to increase the picking efficiency by 100%. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it did happen with the help of ProGlove barcode scanners. What is ProGlove? ProGlove
3 ecomerce strategies
Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, the e-commerce industry was flourishing at a rapid pace. People have always been interested in the convenience offered by online shopping as they want the products delivered to their doorstep within a span of days or hours. Of course, after the global pandemic outbreak, more
warehouse ergonomic challenges
Even though warehouses are factories are necessary for businesses, the nature of work is challenging. With more than 827,000 people working in warehouses, almost 34,900 people get into an accident that leads to a serious injury. Some even get into fatal accidents. These statistics highlight the importance of improving the
walmart rfid compliance
Walmart is a retail giant and has many suppliers. There are many requirements one must fulfill to become a Walmart supplier. The most recent requirement that Walmart has mandated is RFID compliance. Initially, the mandate was only limited to apparel; however, in a recent announcement, Walmart has decided to expand

Hundreds of supply chains across Europe use self-adhesive labels on their products. The labels are used by manufacturers, transportation, retailers, and all other steps in the supply chain. You can step into any supermarket or convenience store, and you will see all kinds of products that use these labels. Be

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