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warehouse operations mobile printing

How can mobile printing benefit warehouse operations? by Timmy Thermal Warehousing is continually under pressure to find cost reductions in their operations to remain profitable and competitive. Are you looking for ways to optimize your supply chain processes and warehouse distribution operations? Integrated mobile printing systems are a good starting point, as studies show that mobile devices and software can improve production levels by at least 20%. Barcoding and RFID (radio frequency identification) systems used

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sato vs competition

SATO CL4NX vs the Competition – Who’s Better?

Posted by eric on February 15, 2017
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What are the advantages of the SATO CL4NX over the competition? by Timmy Thermal It is looking pretty sleek, if I say so myself. It is SATO’s newest industrial thermal-transfer label printer. It ranks up there with its competition in the mid-range category, Datamax-O’Neil’s M-Class and Performance Series’, Zebra’s ZT410 and Intermec’s PM43 and PM4i, all providing advancements in print speed, connectivity options and management and support tools. I will let you in on some

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printhead lifespan

The clock is ticking! What is the average lifespan of a thermal printhead? by Timmy Thermal Like with anything in life, it will eventually wear out over time. When it comes to thermal printheads, they are no exception. The lifespan of most printheads is measured in millions of linear inches printed. Simply put, the more you print, the faster the printhead will wear out and it doesn’t matter whether you have a Zebra thermal label

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patient identification barcoding

Patient information tracking is critical, especially for those smaller patients! by Barry Barcode Barcoding plays a very critical role in the healthcare and medical industries. This industry has extensive networks of data management, from product acquisition, process tracking, doses, medical records administration, product labeling, dispensing, and inventory management, in addition to patient safety measures. With such a complex system, come issues with human errors, duplications and omissions. Barcode systems can mitigate these risks when implemented

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barcode scanning distances

How do you measure barcode scanning distances? It’s really not that hard. by Barry Barcode So, you’re in the market for a new barcode scanner? But, you remember that scanning distances have been a problem in the past (especially trying to scan a far away mountainside). How do you know what to look for in scanning distances for barcode scanners? How is that even measured? Barry Barcode is here to help you out with that.

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sato rfid asset tracking pharmaceutical

How is a pharmaceutical company using SATO logistic printing solutions for better asset tracking? by Timmy Thermal Being able to cost-effectively and accurately transport and track your assets in real-time is critical to any business for improved inventory management and customer order fulfillment. I would like to demonstrate how a pharmaceutical distributor in Canada is currently utilizing SATO’s barcode printing and RFID technology to do just that. This distributor has several warehouses spread across the

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zebra printer skipping labels

Is your Zebra printer skipping labels? Here is what to do. by Timmy Thermal Skipping labels isn’t as fun as it sounds. Not like skipping school, skipping stones or a zebra actually skipping. No, skipping labels are frustrating, extremely problematic and a large waste of media and resources. You want your labels and Zebra printer to be working together, not leaving blanks here and there. The cause of a Zebra printer skipping labels is usually

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line printer service contract risk

How To Erase Risk On Older Line Printers?

Posted by eric on January 18, 2017
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How can you erase the risk of costly repairs on your old line printers? Peter Printer Did you know that older line printers, older than 5 years, can become a risk to your business if they aren’t covered by a line printer service contract plan? Why? Because if you don’t have a line printer service contract plan the alternative is a time and material service call. Time and material calls for your older line printer

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route delivery mobile printing

How can the newest mobile technology tools help route sales and delivery employees? by Barry Barcode Maybe we aren’t quite there yet to have packages delivered by drones, but there are a number of new exciting mobile barcode printing and scanning products on the market right now that are designed to make your employees more efficient and better equipped to do their jobs. As they say, money is time and time is money. I, for

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internet of things manufacturing

How is IOT (Internet-of-Things) changing and improving barcoding in manufacturing? Timmy Thermal The manufacturing sector has changed much in recent years and the change has a lot to do with IoT. IoT stands for the Internet of Things, which means in general terms the interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, which enable them to send and receive data. The IoT has changed virtually everything globally, but more specifically for the

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