What Is The Future Of 3D Laser Printing

Peter PrinterCheck out what 3D laser printers can do now!
by Peter Printer

The new Glowforge 3D laser printer line can cut and engrave virtually anything that could be cut with an industrial-size laser cutter but taking up a lot less space and capital outlay. How you ask?

The Glowforge accomplishes this by using cutter and engraving technology to create a wide array of unique and sophisticated designs on virtually any material or fabric from wood, leather, acrylic, cardboard and paper consumables. These precise and elaborate designs are cut or engraved in the material using a beam of light that is only the width of a human hair. The two onboard cameras measure the thickness of the material placed inside and execute 3D scans of what is being cut. The design can then be modified or duplicated in the cloud.3d laser printer

Below are a few key features of the Glowforge series:

  • Dimensions – 38 inch x 20.75 inch x 8.25 inch
  • Working bed area: 12 inch x 20 inch
  • Max. thickness of material with tray installed: ½ inch
  • Max. thickness of material with no tray: 1½ inch
  • Max. width: 20 inch
  • Wifi connectivity
  • Engraves at 1000dpi with 256 power levels
  • Catalog of extensive collection of intricate, high end designs available to purchase and print
  • Compatible with Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, & Windows or Linux computer with JPG, PNG, TIF, SVG, AI, DXF, PDF, and EPS, etc.
  • Cuts and engraves a wide variety of materials
    • Cuts & engraves:
      • Wood, cardboard, paper, sandpaper
      • Fabric, and leather
      • Cork
      • Mylar
      • Rubber
    • Engraves only:
      • Glass
      • Ceramic tile, marble, stone
      • Anodized aluminum
      • Rubber stamps
      • Titanium
    • Glowforge Basic
      • standard model
      • designed for home, hobby and occasional shop use
      • requires ventilation using the provided 4” diameter hose being put out a window
      • includes 6 month manufacturer’s warranty
    • Glowforge Basic with Air Filter
      • same features as the Glowforge basic but comes with air filter that sits under the printer and provides ventilation using heap filers and charcoal
      • eliminates need for outside ventilation
      • includes 6 month manufacturer’s warranty
    • Glowforge Pro with Air Filter
      • designed for frequent, shared use, like a makerspace
      • includes upgraded optics, tube and cooling
      • the passthrough allows accommodation for longer materials
      • includes air filter option, eliminating need for outside ventilation
      • includes 12 month manufacturer’s warranty

Watch it in action now.

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