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4 Ways To Improve Working Environments and Overcome Labor Shortages

Labor shortages are among the many significant challenges to the supply chain following the Covid-19 pandemic. The reasons for labor shortages range from what is known as ‘excess retirements’ and harsher immigration policies to labor moving from certain industries to others that offer better work environments.

So, what can be done to overcome the labor shortages of 2023 and retain labor for longer periods?

Here are 4 ways that working environments can be improved to attract more labor:

1. Rework Wages and Benefits

Industry-competitive wages can help attract more employees to your business, but your benefits packages will help you retain and keep good employees happy. So, in order to improve working environments, businesses should offer higher wages, as well as benefits like 401(k)s, health coverage, more PTO, and so on.

2. Offer Performance Incentives

Performance incentives can encourage employees to work harder and stay with a business for longer periods. Such incentives can include bonuses, business-wide recognition, and awards. You can also offer employees growth and promotions within the business to create better work environments and incentivize higher performance.

3. Create Safe Work Spaces

Creating safe work spaces and prioritizing workers' safety lets employees know that they are valued and looked after. Warehousing and logistics include a lot of manual labor, where the chances of serious work injuries are quite high. Introducing technology and machinery to eliminate the worst of manual labor jobs can be a good place to start with creating a safer workspace. You can also offer basic and more advanced first aid and healthcare training.

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4. Introduce Flexibility in Work Schedules

Warehousing and logistics often require long working hours with monotonous manual labor. Many employees might feel like a sufficient work-life balance is not being reached. When creating work schedules, it might be a good idea to take your employees' feedback and preferences so that they can have more of a work-life balance. If certain employees prefer evening shifts over morning shifts, for example, you can change the schedule to give them the shifts they would prefer to have. This increased flexibility in the schedule is a great way to improve working conditions and encourage employees to want to stay with your business.

Create a Positive Work Environment

While there is no guarantee that labor shortages will end soon and that employment trends will shift, employers can still work on creating work environments that can help them attract and retain more employees. As discussed, some of the ways to do this include reworking wage and benefits packages, offering more performance incentives, prioritizing employees safely, and introducing more flexible work schedules.

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