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What are the 5 Best Practices for a Warehouse Returns Process

5 Best Practices for a Warehouse Returns Process

Warehouse returns deserve special attention since they can make or break the customer experience. You will also want to expedite this process so that it does not take a heavy toll on other daily core activities.

Here are the 5 best practices that you can implement for your warehouse returns process.

  1. Handheld Devices and Scanners

    Your warehouse personnel should be equipped with the latest state-of-the-art scanning tools and gadgets to expedite customer returns. The scanner should be capable of gathering vital information from package labels like SKU, physical state of goods returned, UPC code, RMA number and more.

  2. Strong Integration with WMS

    All devices should seamlessly integrate with your WMS so that there can be instant updates to inventory records. Such automation can save a lot of effort and work for your personnel and allow them to boost productivity. Automated real time inventory management will prevent the need for manual intervention that could cost a substantial amount of time and money.

  3. Separate Functions

    You should have a system to deal with customer returns according to their needs. Inform warehouse personnel and clerks about how to deal with various customer return requests and assign them responsibilities.

    Customer credits should be dealt with separately from returned inventory. Warehouse personnel should not have to manage customer credits. You should deploy an automated system for supplying credit information to the right personnel.

  4. Accounting System Integration

    You also need to integrate your WMS and gadgets with the accounting system for relevant automated entries. This will help to speed up credit processing. Automation will help reduce errors in this regard, leading to a better customer experience.

  5. Warehouse Layout

    Besides having the right equipment at your disposal for speedy returns management, you need to place it at optimal locations. Stationing equipment at the right place will reduce time taken for warehouse personnel to complete individual tasks since necessary equipment will always be close at hand. Thus, you should pay attention to warehouse layout and place equipment at positions that will provide maximum convenience for your workers.

    You should also make use of portable equipment. Mobile powered carts are now available so that you can quickly position computers, scanners and printers wherever you like.

Bring Value into Sales Returns

Instead of seeing sales returns as an unnecessary headache, you should view it as an opportunity for building trust.

Sales returns are a reality that no business can ignore. Despite your best efforts and quality assurance, a certain percentage of goods will inevitably need to be returned. You can leverage this opportunity to foster trust through speedy turnaround times. This is your way of emphasizing the care you show towards customer experience and satisfaction.

The right approach can help you transform returns into a process that provides value instead of costing you time and money.

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