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MIDCOM Data Technologies®, Inc. is a recognized leader for rugged mobile computing, thin client services, bar coding and industrial printing solutions since 1982. We offer the newest computing technologies for businesses and offer repair services for printers and bar code scanners by our flagship company the MIDCOM Service Group.

MIDCOM Data Technologies®, Inc. offers solutions for rugged mobile computing, cloud computing, barcoding and industrial printing. MIDCOM Service Group offers repair solutions for industrial printers and mobile computer scanning devices.

MIDCOM Data Technologies®, Inc. was founded in 1982, and is a value added distributor of Thin Client Cloud Computing Terminals, Rugged Mobile Tablet PCs, Barcode Scanning products, as well as Mission Critical printers.

Headquartered in Michigan, MIDCOM Data Technologies®, Inc. has customers in all 50 states as well as all the provinces within Canada.

58% of the Fortune 100 companies have purchased from MIDCOM Data Technologies®, Inc.. Additionally, thousands of other organizations, both large and small, have also purchased products from us.

Other Facts About MIDCOM Data Technologies®,Inc.

  • MIDCOM has been involved in the shipment of over 200,000 terminal devices representing various types of alternatives to PC desktop technology.
  • MIDCOM has been a consultant to IBM, NCR, & DEC on terminal technology.
  • MIDCOM has over 250 different thin client and Tablet PC alternatives in their product line from various quality manufacturers.
  • MIDCOM’s specialty is to assist organizations with the selection of thin technology (which includes Tablet PCs) based upon their applications and environmental requirements.
  • MIDCOM insists that all new users, before they purchase a new technology product, first evaluate the product in their own work environment. This is part of MIDCOM’s free, no-risk trial program.

MIDCOM Service Group logo

The MIDCOM Service Group, a division of MIDCOM Data Technologies, Inc.provides local, on-site printer and plotter repair services, service center repair and printer service contract plans throughout North America.

With a network in excess of 3,500 certified printer technicians, The MIDCOM Service Group repairs and services most every printer brand including hundreds of legacy printers. The MIDCOM Service Group offers:

  • Annual, On-Site Service Plans for printers and HP DesignJet plotters
  • Responsive Time & Material On-Site Service Calls
  • Fast-turnaround Depot Repair Services for barcode scanners, barcode computers, and POS printers
  • Fast, On-Site Service Calls for Formex bursters, decollators, and sorters
  • Annual On-Site Service Plans for Bell & Howell, Fujitsu, and Panasonic document imagers
  • “Hot-Staging” and Installation of equipment throughout the U.S. and Canada
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