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How Is Automated Labeling Helping A Swimming Pool Manufacturer?

automated labeling honeywellTimmy Thermal TMHow is a National swimming pool manufacturing company benefiting from automated labeling?
Timmy Thermal

A great example of why and how you can benefit from the move to an automated labeling is the company AstralPool, an international swimming pool and spa manufacturer.

By switching to a new system they saved 60-70% in time savings, as well as a reduction in label wastage. How did they do this you ask? Well, until recently they had been using a simple labeling software system in their production area that was run from a desktop computer connected to a printer. They pre-printed about 5,000 labels per day before the products were actually produced. As product demand grew, the number of labels and types required increased causing some production inefficiency issues such as wasted time locating the right label in the system to print and, with the inability to accurately determine the numbers, there were wasted labels unused as labels were printed in bulk, or not enough printed and had to print additional ones.

Intermec Labeling Solutions

Intermec (by Honeywell) Labeling Solutions

There were a lot of inefficiencies, and they were looking to improve. As well, they needed to find a more viable labeling solution to enable them to adhere to all the different international labeling requirements in the various markets and countries they were expanding to around the world (in particular the new US regulation of UL Standards for Safety labeling requirement, and the EU and Australian Gas Association).

The viable solution that they found was the Intermec PM43 by Honeywell. This Smart Printer is a rugged industrial printer, operates in a completely stand-alone operation with its Fingerprint program. The product database is easily updated and has a fast print speed for as-required label printing. This printer is remotely managed with a locally stored database to house all of AstralPool’s templates, logo graphics and also part information for OEM products. Another added bonus is the low repair costs and minimal downtime as this printer does not require tools for replacing print heads or rollers.

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