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Automotive Industry Mobility Trends 2019

Barry BarcodeAutomobiles are becoming more and more complex – how are automotive manufacturer’s keeping up in 2019?
by Barry Barcode

When we talk about the automotive industry, the past year has seen many revolutionary changes. These include rapidly changing customer habits as well as the introduction and implementation of many new cutting edge technologies that are changing the way that drivers are able to interact with their cars.

In fact, the previous year has proven exactly how important it is for insurance companies to keep up with these trends so that they would also be able to adapt various insurance models in line with the consumers’ needs. Let us take a closer look at some of these trends:

The Increasing Acceptance of Smart Vehicle Technology

This is a radically advanced technological development that has already gone from the drawing board to actual implementation. ‘Vehicle to vehicle’ (V2V) technology basically allows different vehicles to actually communicate with each other while they are on the road. As a corollary to this, newly built ‘vehicle to infrastructure’ (V2I) concept will be able to extend that communication to different road structures, such as petrol stations and traffic lights. In fact, this technology is set to become instrumental in the future when driverless automobiles will be the norm, rather than the exception. By 2020, virtually all vehicles manufactured in the developed world will be equipped with this type of smart technology.

The Internet of Things (IOT) and Machine Learning

The adoption of IoT will lead to an increase in the sheer volume of data that vehicle manufacturers produce. While churning out reams of data may become commonplace, without the inherent ability to analyze it and derive tangible, action-based insights, it is useless. This is the part where machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) come into the picture. Automotive plants will have to adapt so as to able to develop the ability to manage large volumes of data, offer legible insights and also create solutions. This will increase manufacturers’ responsiveness quite substantially and will simultaneously improve the overall efficiency at the plant.

In fact, it is believed that manufacturing supply chains will be able to evolve into self-contained intelligent networks with their own real-time systems integration. The application of analytics, quality management and track and trace applications to many different supply chain problems will also be possible. This, in turn, will also lead to the creation of knowledge sharing networks, thus ensuring greater speed and scale.


There is no doubt that today’s automotive plant floors are infinitely more complex than ever before. It is imperative that they should be able to optimize every asset, process, and resource with near pinpoint accuracy. Zebra products are fully capable of putting you in control of any automotive manufacturing plant that would be capable of producing end products on cost and as perplan while retaining a very high degree of consistency.

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