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Are Your Printers Ready For The School Year?

School Is Almost Here! Are Your Printers Ready?

Peter Printerby Peter Printer

It’s August and we’re closing in on the end of summer vacation for our American school systems. Teachers will be gearing up to teach their students everything from world history to microbiology and one of their biggest allies in the quest to educate our future is the beloved laser printer. What else is part of our curriculum? Maybe they’re going to take a moment to explain to their students Murphy’s Law???

Murphy’s Law is that anything that can go wrong definitely will go wrong. That’s why I’m here to keep Murphy’s Law from messing up days or weeks of productivity for teachers and children. I’m talking about a printer repair contract for your school’s printers, of course.printer service contracts

The MIDCOM FAST Onsite Repair Covarage Plans for your printers is essential for the public, private, and higher education systems. With the amount of printing that the average school does per week, it’s smart to keep it protected. With manufacturer’s warranties you can wait up to an entire month to get your product fixed, and they only cover manufacturer’s defects. That means that your normal wear and tear won’t be covered. You can, of course, opt for the on-site or service center repair without a contract, but you’ll end up saving time and money with an annual printer service plan.

All the parts (including maintenance kits), labor and travel are included in the annual service plan package, so you won’t be paying for service AND parts. You can call us all the time, there are unlimited service calls. Easily call if your printer is acting up. We are here to service you and your printer.

printer repair technicianYou’ll get priority response faster than a non-contract. We will put you at the top of the list for repairs, so you won’t be waiting all day while we’re servicing all of the OTHER districts whose printers have also broken, you’ll be first. Jump to the front of the line with our FAST Onsite Repair Coverage Plans for your printers. We also have multi-year plans that can benefit you because you’ll pay the fee that we have no, and if our prices ever rise you won’t be stuck paying that higher price. Cha-ching! Money in the schools pockets for the arts, the football field, and everything else that makes school special for all the kids who are enrolled.

Just to reiterate, here are the benefits to having the FAST Onsite Repair Coverage Plans for printers package

  • all parts labor and travel are included in your price except consumables
  • unlimited service calls
  • priority response faster than non-contract calls
  • multi-year plans available

Now through September 30, 2017 get 13 months of coverage for the price of 12 months on our FAST Onsite Repair Coverage Plans printer service contracts when you use promo code SCHOOL (or $25 off a time and material onsite repair).

If your school needs printer repair or are interested in printer service contracts, call MIDCOM, 800-MIDCOM-4 Service (800) 643-2554 or visit our FAST Onstie Coverage Plans page, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ to keep in touch for the latest news on printing and barcoding technologies.

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