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Terms & Conditions EXPRESS Repair Centers

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Terms & Conditions For EXPRESS Repair Center Service

All service center repairs are done at a FLAT (U.S Dollar) rate plus parts. We will always quote you first for any part(s) that are needed and ask for your approval. If no parts are required and product is repairable, repairs will be done at the quoted flat rate. All work is backed by a limited 60 day return to MIDCOM service center warranty. If we deem your product “un-repairable”, we will waive our Flat Rate labor charge – no risk to you. Customer is responsible for shipping costs to and from our National Service Center. MIDCOM is not responsible for damage caused by failure to securely package the equipment or damage occurred in transit.

MIDCOM is NOT responsible for software loss due to part replacement. Please be sure you have a COPY of your software BEFORE you approve the repair quote.

Contact us at (800) 643-2664 or email for any questions. Visit our website at

Benefits of using our No-Fee Guarantee Service Centers for repair:

  • NO-FEE If we deem product “un-repairable” you don’t pay!
  • 60 Day Guarantee on all parts and labor.
  • FLAT-LABOR RATE regardless of how long it takes to fix.

“We keep you running!” – Here’s how:

  • A low-cost “HOT” spare resource for Refurbished and Warranted Printers.
  • A great source for new printers from the major manufacturers.
  • Significant Money Savings with our Depot Repair Program.
  • Annual and Muli-Year Service Agreements with unlimited service calls.
  • Responsive Time & Material On-Site Service Calls.
  • A great way to cut down on costs with MIDCOM’s toner, standard labels and custom labels.

The MIDCOM Service Group ia a One-Stop Shop for all of your printer requirements!

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