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Motorola Barcode Scanner Repair

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Motorola Barcode Scanner Repair Service

Motorola barcode scanner repair service call toll free (800) 643-2664 for fast services, where we take the worry out of your barcode scanner repair needs.

Barcode Scanner Not Working?

  • Motorola barcode scanner won’t read barcodes properly
  • Motorola barcode scanner won’t power on despite having a fully charged battery
  • Motorola barcode scanner won’t fully charge
  • Motorola barcode scanner indicator lights show a malfunction
  • Motorola barcode scanner displays an error code on the screen
  • Motorola barcode scanner is stuck on cold or warm boot
  • Motorola barcode scanner laser is not working
  • Motorola barcode scanner drops connection from our network
  • Motorola barcode scanner exhibits physical damage from dropping or mishandling
  • Motorola barcode scanner LCD screen doesn’t work or touch screen isn’t functioning
  • Motorola barcode scanner manufacturer won’t help us service our device
  • Motorola barcode scanner needs routine maintenance done
  • Motorola barcode scanner is a critical part of our operations
  • Motorola barcode scanner keyboard/keypad not working

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Motorola Barcode Scanner Repair Business Partner Specialist

We are a Motorola Business Partner Barcode Scanner Repair Specialist company in Your Area. This means our technicians have been certified by Motorola through extensive training and testing to repair their barcode scanners. Let our knowledge and experience get your Motorola barcode scanners operational today!

3,500 Friendly Certified Technicians Nationwide Are Ready To Come To Your Business

See what other businesses have to say about our service.


“Tech arrived on time, was friendly and professional, and completed repairs quickly, with confidence and knowledge. Will use again!”

-Steve S. – Google Review


We had 4 line printers that needed to be checked, one was definitely broken. MIDCOM quickly answered my inquiry about service and scheduled a technician to come out the next day. After the technician arrived, they assessed the damage and within minutes received a parts quote from MIDCOM so that service could be completed and we could be back to work. Very happy with MIDCOM!

-Mary M – Google Review


“It was a pleasure to be able to reach a customer service rep immediately and very polite. They’re service rep came a scheduled and quickly fixed our IBM Infoprint and he too was very courteous.”

-Couch Distributing Co. – Google Review

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Motorola Barcode Scanner Support

Largest Motorola barcode scanner support service centers. Get Motorola barcode scanner support from our over 3,500 certified technician throughout the United States and Canada.

Where ever you are, we have a Motorola barcode scanner repair service shop near you!

zebra barcode scanner repair products

Zebra Barcode scanner service for all these popular models.

Motorola ES400
Motorola LI4278
Motorola MC1000
Motorola MC17
Motorola MC2100
Motorola MC3100
Motorola MC3190
Motorola MC3190-Z
Motorola MC3200
Motorola MC40
Motorola MC50
Motorola MC5040
Motorola MC55
Motorola MC55A0
Motorola MC55N0
Motorola MC65
Motorola MC70
Motorola MC7090
Motorola MC75
Motorola MC9000
Motorola MC9010
Motorola MC9052
Motorola MC9060
Motorola MC9062
Motorola MC9090
Motorola MC9190
Motorola MC9500
Motorola MK1200
Motorola MK4000
Motorola MK500
Motorola MT2000
Motorola PPT8860
Motorola RD5000
Motorola RS309
Motorola RS409
Motorola RS507
Motorola SPT1800
Motorola TC51
Motorola TC56
Motorola TC8000
Motorola VC5090
Motorola VC6090
Motorola VC6096
Motorola VRC3900
Motorola VRC5090
Motorola VRC6900
Motorola WT4000
and more.

express repair centers coverage plan

Better Than The Manufacturer’s Coverage Plan

  • Certified Technicians – Trained professional certified technicians.
  • Priority Repair – Your products go to the front of the line
  • All Part(s) Included – You’ll never pay for any part(s) needed while under our plan.
  • Unlimited Service Calls – No matter how may times your equipment breaks, we’ll fix it at no extra charge.
  • Easy Mail-In Service – Our EXPRESS Centers are located throughout the United States and Canada for quick shipping.

Whether you call or request your quote online, we will contact you right away to discuss your Motorola barcode scanner repair needs. No matter what model of Motorola barcode scanner (industrial or touch screen) we will arrange for you to receive a phone call from a courteous service department. They will get you a quote and shipping instruction in a timely, courteous, and professional manner. We will follow up with your Motorola barcode scanner repair and be ready to answer any questions.

Get Service Now! (800) 643-2664


Motorola barcode scanner repair service with over 3,500 technicians in the U.S. and Canada! Over 40+ Years of Experience – We have been offering expert Motorola barcode scanner repair service since 1982 servicing industrial Motorola barcode scanners and Motorola mobile touch screen barcode scanners!


Motorola barcode scanner service technicians call (800) 643-2664 or fill out our quick quote form. Fast and affordable service of easy mail-in repair. Here is what happens when you request Motorola barcode scanner service from MIDCOM. A representative will take your information, and email shipping instructions, usually within ten minutes. The technician will troubleshoot your Motorola barcode scanners. They’ll attempt to determine (when possible) what replacement parts the Motorola barcode scanner is likely to need. The technician will professional fix your Motorola barcode scanner and ship it back to you!


Motorola barcode scanner maintenance technicians for many types and brands call (800) 643-2664. Let our fast turnaround maintenance technicians put your mind at ease when it comes to your Motorola barcode scanner maintenance needs. When you call us for your Motorola barcode scanner maintenance a certified service representative will answer – not a recording. That is the advantage of using MIDCOM Service for all your Motorola barcode scanner maintenance requirements. We start with the little things!


Motorola barcode Scanner Technicians Repair Items like Touch Screens, Data Terminals, Point-of-Sale Machines, Barcode Scanners, Printers of All Types, and more! Fast Repairs with available overnight shipping both ways and expedited service, we can often fix equipment sooner than other vendors could repair it on-site. Affordable Flat Rate Labor quoted up front before the work begins No Risk, Ever – If equipment is deemed unrepairable, there is no bench charge! Limited warranty on all of our work! – on all of our printer repair. Over 30 Years Experience means we have the know-how to fix your Motorola barcode scanner right. Component-Level Repair Capability means we can repair expensive logic boards and power supplies, versus replacing the whole part. We do it all – give us a call.


Get professional Motorola barcode scanner repair throughout the United States and Canada.

We have a service shop near you! Call today (800) 643-2664.

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