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Benefits of Compact Thermal Label Printers in Warehousing

Timmy Thermal Safety GearWhat are the benefits of using compact thermal label printers in the warehouse?
by Timmy Thermal

Compact thermal label printers can play a big part in improving efficiencies and cost in warehousing. Warehousing is continually under the gun to be innovative as manufacturers and retailer push their supply chain operations for cost reductions to remain profitable and competitive.

Utilizing compact thermal label printers strategically located can provide critical aid to warehousing facilities that have already gone through many streamlining measures to their processes and workflows, and struggle with space constraints and finding further ways to be more efficient.

Due to their small compact size and wireless connectivity, these printers can be easily attached and mounted to desktops, shelves and walls so they are located close to worker’s point of use. No longer is the need to centrally locate the machines. This saves workers time as they no longer have to have repeated round trips to collect batches of labels and can label products as soon as the packaging is complete. Plus, they can print remotely and pick up multiple orders at the same time.

Many compact thermal label printers provide 300 dpi resolution, thus providing high quality, fully legible printing of labels. This improves quality assurance levels and lowers the potential cost of inefficiencies and misidentification due to the result of illegible labels.

Summary of Key Benefits:

  • Compact and convenient
  • Reduces labor costs and productivity
  • Hi-resolution capabilities
  • Improves accuracy and minimizes labeling and misidentification errors

These efficiencies are seen in all areas and aspects of warehousing from receiving, cross-dock, inventory, picking, packing and shipping.

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