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Broken Barcode Scanners?

Reduce downtime with our “Barcode Scanner Repair Shipping Box”.
by Barry Barcode

Do you have a barcode scanner graveyard? In the scanner industry, the term “technology graveyard” refers to the place where all of your broken electronics sit, and often stay collecting dust for some time before they are serviced, or forgotten forever. I know I sound melodramatic, but for all of you with barcode scanners, you know what I mean.

Luckily there is an easy solution: The MIDCOM Shipping and Storage box to easily send your broken barcode scanners to our “No-Fee” Guarantee Service Centers for repair. On the video below, Ken Feinstein our general manager gives the juicy details on our exciting new promotion.Barcode Scanner Repair Shipping Box

The common theme is that the barcode scanner breaks and then is put on a shelf. After a while they are forgotten, and they pile up. With the storage shipping box, there will be one place to put all of your broken scanners. You’ll know when to get them serviced when the box is full, and it’ll be easier than ever to get them fixed.

You don’t always need fancy technology to make smart and important upkeep to your technology or for your company. The box is simple, easy to recognize, and will ship right to us, so you know you’re getting the best service in the world. The most alluring part of it all is that there is absolutely no fee associated with getting the box. Check out the video and see for yourself, how great this box could be for your company.

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