How To Properly Clean Mobile Barcode Scanning Devices During COVID-19

Cleaning Mobile Barcode Scanning Devices Covid-19

mobile barcode scanning coronavirus cleaning

How to prevent the spread of COVID-19 with these easy steps.

Devices commonly used in warehouses and logistics facilities, such as RFID guns, brick barcode scanners, smartphones and handheld devices, may have appeared to be harmless a few months back. However, in the wake of the deadly COVID-19 outbreak, these mobile barcode scanning devices can become the main vehicle for spreading the deadly disease if proper care is not taken.

We are incessantly reminded to wash our hands and to stop touching our faces in these challenging times. While these steps are no doubt critical, the people need to be informed about further steps that they can take to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

This includes guidance on how to clean and disinfect doorknobs, tables and other surfaces that many people commonly touch. Although they carry a lower risk than direct contact with an infected person, the risk is still there nevertheless. It is not enough to say that the coronavirus does not last long on these surfaces since many hands may come in contact with these surfaces within a span of a few minutes.

Safety Challenges

Professionals find themselves facing a big problem with mobile handheld devices like handheld computers, barcode scanners and smart devices that are used by several users for day-to-day operations. Companies are now supplying hand sanitizers and other disinfectants to their workers so that they can disinfect their hands and their devices.

The coronavirus has stunned the world with its rapid and meteoric spread. In light of this, logistics and supply chain operators have a duty to implement all the necessary safeguards that can prevent the spread of this virus.

Supply chain and logistics operators, as well as their suppliers and customers, should take all possible steps to disinfect their mobile handheld barcode scanning devices several times a day. They should also take steps to keep their employees safe by promoting the use of masks and gloves. Companies should also refer to trustworthy platforms to find out how their employees can keep their masks and gloves clean. It is not enough just to don gloves and masks. If not disinfected properly, these safety devices may actually help in the spread of the coronavirus rather than stopping it from spreading.

It has become more important than ever to clean the surface of mobile handheld barcode scanning devices with disinfectants since they are handled numerous times each day by multiple people. This is particularly true for devices commonly used in storage and logistics facilities like barcode scanners, RFID devices and other handheld devices. There are also other devices like thermal barcode label printers and computer keyboards that may be in use.

Practical Steps

One key step that companies can take is to assign mobile handheld barcode scanning devices so that they can be used by one employee and no one else. They should at least try to limit the number of people who can use a particular device to prevent the spread of the virus. There should also be a schedule to disinfect the surfaces of these devices several times a day. Companies should also guide their employees about the use of gloves and masks and how to maintain them to keep these safety items virus-free.

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