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Cold Storage Chain Management - What's Next!

Cold Storage Chain Management

Timmy Thermal TMSo what is behind the door for cold storage management?
by Timmy Thermal

Virtually all cold storage warehouses, and particularly those that also specialize in deep freezer storage, tend to face a really high number of operational challenges while working in such harsh environments. Here, the core challenge is to maintain fairly consistent temperatures even as the various frozen products move in and out of the storage area. Apart from that, such warehouses also have to contend with, energy use, and also the myriad complexities of storing goods that must always be maintained at variable temperatures, all the time.

Keeping mobile devices operational in low temperature conditions

Another important challenge is the necessity of keeping mobile computers operational even in extremely cold temperatures. Condensation, cold air, and frost are both capable of quickly rendering most standard mobile device completely useless. The usual solution of using insulation in the cold storage area has one significant problem.

It degrades wireless signals to a great extent and it is also very difficult to label goodsreliably enough. This is why a cold storage device,tailor made for use in freezers and other extremely cold environments can help most such warehouses both maintain as well as increase productivity, quite substantially indeed.

This is the part where Zebra comes into the picture, with its state of the art cold chain management devices. Operating in extreme temperature conditions brings with it, very own set of requirementswith reference to functioninginchillers, coolers, refrigerators, as well as freezers. Here certain devices are required that are both rugged and specialized enough to get the job properly.

Zebra’s freezer compliant devices have been engineered to provide highly reliable operation, irrespective of the extremely dramatic temperature swings. This also makes the entire supply chain considerably more efficient and also helps protects then end customers from receiving spoilt products.

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Streamlining cold storage handling procedures

Thanks to Zebra’s innovative cold storage products, it is now quite possible to fulfill far more orders per day along with improved safety and comfort, while simultaneously handling multiple cold storage cases and containers with the help of hands free technology.

An opportunity to increase both productivity as well as accuracy

These products have been designed in such a way that the operator can both quickly and efficiently enter the required data, even when using gloved hands. He can do this, thanks to the large keys as well as an ergonomically designed ‘easy to use’ touchscreen system, that is present on many such Zebra handheld mobile computing devices.

Reduce errors safely and easily

These devices can also help with the alleviation of many common problems that are associated with many ‘off the shelf’ mobile devices available today. Such problems include condensation and fogging of the screen, irregularities of data while moving between coolers and freezers etc.

With the help of the right Zebra device, you can be sure that your cold storage facility will be able to move evermore quantities of goods, safely, securely and accurately.

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