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Connect with a printer no matter where you are

Subject: Connect with a printer no matter where you are
Author: Timmy Thermal
Timmy Thermal here. In today’s age of smartphones and tablet computers, and my expertise in the world of printers, it is a little baffling that we don’t have a clean and easy way for the little computers in our pockets to print all of our favorite documents to all of our favorite printers remotely, don’t ya think?
That’s where the Intermec PM43 and PM43c thermal printers come in. Designed with an on-the-go mentality, the PM43 and PM43c are your best friends when you’re off and away, or maybe just in the warehouse and not the office and you need to print something remotely. Add a little boost to your productivity by logging right into your printer’s IP address and start printing. Simple as that, you now have a way to make sure your go-to person back at the office has all of the labels they need to start shipping and increasing productivity.print remotely with rugged tablet
How does it work? Well, with your smartphone or tablet computer (note: of course, you can always use your regular computer, too, but I wanted to highlight the other devices kids are using these days) and your printer’s IP address on hand, simply type in the IP address of your PM43 or PM43c into the address bar of your device’s web browser and you’ll have access to a rich web interface with direct access to your printing needs.

With the web interface of the PM43 and PM43c, you have the ability to configure the media, print quality and RFID settings, as well as the option to install fonts, images, applications, web forms and label formats, and upgrade the printer’s firmware.
I can’t even begin to count the times I’ve been on vacation, soaking up the sun, and just generally looking good when someone from the office calls me to tell me they can’t get something to print to the PM43 or the PM43c. I quietly tell them to calm down and that no, I won’t subject them to hours of printer training videos like someone I else I know (ahem, Peter Printer). All I have to do is use the smartphone I’m already using to talk to this hyperventilating moron, log into the printer remotely and I can make changes right from my phone. And presto! The PM43 lives again!
If you want to learn more about the PM43 and PM43c, like what all of those strange symbols on your printer’s display mean or what kind of media is available on the PM43 printers, check out this FAQ.
There you go! The Intermec PM43 and PM43c are devices that are committed to providing an easy-to-use interface so that you can spend less time worrying about troubleshooting and more time increasing your company’s productivity. As always, if you run into a printer snafu you can’t seem to fix, give MIDCOM Service Group a call!

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