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Using the Wrong Barcode Printer Supplies?

Consequences of Choosing the Wrong Barcode Printer Supplies

While you may already have the perfect barcode printer to fulfill your requirements, choosing the correct printing supplies is also essential. The barcode printer performance and quality of the end product greatly rely on these supplies, i.e., the printing media (labels) and ribbons.

Since the supplies are a recurring cost, choosing cheaper alternatives may seem like a wise option. But choosing the wrong barcode printing supplies comes with dire consequences. Read on to find out what they are.

Higher Running Costs of the Hardware

The type of print media and ribbons you choose can significantly impact your printer and its components. For instance, a poor-quality ribbon leads to the accumulation of dust and other contaminants on printer parts. Consequently, you will need to clean your printer more frequently. Plus, the time between maintenance may be shortened, dramatically increasing your running costs.

Moreover, low-quality labels and papers can quickly wear out the printer head, so you may opt for a replacement.

Productivity Issues

Besides spending money and time maintaining and replacing the barcode printer and its components, using low-quality print supplies can also cause productivity issues.

With your printer experiencing frequent jams, the downtime increases, leading to productivity losses. Moreover, directing your resources, such as the IT team, to fix such issues can also disrupt production optimization. Workers spend more time solving printer problems than on other, more productive tasks. Plus, if the print quality is poor, you might have to go for reprints, which are time-consuming and costly.

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Unsatisfied Customers

While using cut-rate ribbons and labels can help you make some savings initially, the wrong printing supplies can quickly become more expensive in the long haul. If a customer isn’t satisfied with the quality of the label or ribbon, they might ask for a refund, which can be way more expensive than any

savings you might have made. Besides that, unsatisfied customers can land a blow to your business’s reputation and can even take away potential clients.

So, not only do poor printing supplies cost more in the long term, but they can also negatively impact business revenue.

The Bottom Line

Printed labels, tags, and ribbons are often used in outdoor spaces whether they may need to withstand harsh weather conditions. So, using high-quality products is always a good option. If you end up choosing the wrong printing supplies, it can lead to higher maintenance and operational costs, productivity losses, and, most of all, unhappy customers. In other words, poor-quality print media and ribbons can be expensive and ruin customer relationships.

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