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Controlling Your Email Inbox

Harry PlotterIs your email inbox out of control?
by Harry Plotter

Email is a great vehicle for communication and extremely efficient. It has many advantages, which explains why everyone’s inbox seems to be constantly overflowing and inundated daily with large volumes. However, with all the benefits come some negative consequences of how to keep organized and sort through it all efficiently. It can certainly eat up a lot of time.

There are a few apps on the market that help users with this if they have trouble keeping organized themselves. Some people like to simply save everything into folders they have created. But then they have to wade through them to find and retrieve what they are looking for. Keyword searches are great for finding emails of similar content and then sorting through them to find the exact email you inbox

For those users that want or require advanced tools to do the work, apps that have reminders and flags designed to identify important key emails users are going need to retrieve and reference again, and as well as to do list and alerts to remind them of urgent tasks. And, those with multiple accounts need to use an app to help them keep everything nicely synced together.
If you find you are in need of some additional help in keeping up and maximizing your email efficiently I have found the following handy, popular apps on the market that you might want to test out.

  • Dispatch
  • Maildroid
  • K-9
  • Gmail
  • Cloud Magic
  • BlueMail
  • Mailbox
  • Inbox Zero

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