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Order Fulfillment and Picking Workflows

How to create success!

Creating Successful Order Fulfillment And Picking Workflows

Timmy Thermal TMHow to create successful order fulfillment and picking workflows
Timmy Thermal

In today’s highly competitive environment many businesses end up facing near unrelenting pressures with regard to the overall reduction in operating costs, the delivery of near perfect customer services and also considerably better management of the organization’s workforce.

This is precisely why the senior management of most such business entities is constantly on the lookout for various ‘end to end’ methods, equipment and tools for greater operational improvements for their workforce related issues.

This is where companies like Zebra and Honeywell (Intermec & Datamax-O’Neil) come into the picture. They can easily help in streamlining all picking related workflows so as to ensure greater productivity of the staff members as well as less chances of mistakes regarding shipments and quantities to be delivered. And as a bonus, it also leads to lesser workplace related accidents too.

Let us take the example of Honeywell’s ‘Vocollect’ voice solution. In a very short span of time it has managed to become a major catalyst in systematically re-engineering various picking processes, across the board.

honeywell vocollect voice solution

Honeywell Vocollect Voice Solution

This has helped usher in the next generation with regard to business results in successful order fulfillment and picking workflow related technology. A tribute to its awesome popularity is the fact that almost nearly one million mobile workers are currently using it, during their work day routines.

But why would anyone want to switch to Vocollect solutions to such an extent in the first place? Because such cutting edge technological solutions are actually able to deliver highly quantifiable worker accuracy as well as productivity so that management knows exactly what is going on and how to take remedial steps, as and when required.

Then in the field of labeling and inventory management, we have Dascom (Tally) dot matrix printers. These printers are ideal label printing solutions for food related items since they can easily print various labels and bar codes in nontoxic inks (an absolute requirement in most schools and cafeterias).

Furthermore, they can also print labels that are used to identify both frozen and other cold food items. With the help of such dot matrix printers gift certificates, coupons, vouchers and even game tickets can be quickly and easily printed.

Taken together, these products and many others of the same type are revolutionizing work flow processes, all over the world.

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