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Cross Docking Functions Today

What are the newest technologies that can help?

Cross Docking Functions Today – Are You Prepared?

Timmy Thermal TMWhat new technologies are available for today’s cross docking functions?
by Timmy Thermal

The seminal of improved coordination amongst various cross docking activities can never be ignored. However, it is pertinent to note that it most certainly does require an element of a high degree of visibility of multiple assets so as to ensure an efficient and accurate movement of not just products and equipment, but also of people too. This will mean that all the goods and by extension, the individuals responsible for transporting the same will always remain safe and secure and the chances of an accident are severely curtailed.

This is the part where Zebra’s mobile solutions will come into the picture and they will also help make sure that the right shipments are always put in the right order and also on the right trailer so as to ensure near seamless deliveries that are a boon for not just the customers bunt also the drivers who would be able to make one time only deliveries, rather than rushing back to the warehouse to get the right stuff, all over again. As a matter of fact, cross docking can also provide fairly significant improvements in both efficiency as well as handling times by shortening the same quite substantially.

Understanding the core concepts of cross docking

Cross docking is widely considered to be a logistics process where various products from a supplier or even a manufacturing plant are evenly distributed,either directly to the end customer or for that matter, even a retail chain. Typically, there is marginal or for that matter, no handling or even storage time.

Here, it is pertinent to note that cross docking almost always takes place in a distribution docking terminal. The procedure usually involves trucks and dock doors on both the inbound and the outbound sides that have minimal storage space, involved. Indeed, the very term “‘cross docking’ also explains the whole process of receiving products through either an inbound dock and then subsequently transferring the same right across the dock to the original outbound transportation dock, for subsequent delivery to the retailers or the end consumers (as the case may be).

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Devices that built to last a long time

Zebra’s devices come into their own here, since they are rugged devices that can easily be deployed in the toughest of environments and are also both resilient enough and tough enough to easily be able to withstand near continuous operation in even the most hostile operational environments around. Since they can last a long time, the need to for replacement is very rare and they can more often than not, give years of service without any operational issues, whatsoever.

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