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October 14, 2015 – DASCOM Americas Announces New LA1000 Printer

DASCOM Americas announced this week the release of their new LA1000 printer.

The LA1000 multipart forms printer is the fastest model in DASCOM Americas product line. DASCOM Americas is known for their complete business printing solutions and marketer of Tally and Tally DASCOM serial impact dot matrix (SIDM), specialty, and thermal printers.dascom americas

The LA1000 is a rugged designed and heavy duty output printer for DEC emulation. The monthly workload capability is just under 50k pages, with print speeds can range up to 1000 characters per second and rated print head life of 750 million characters.

This high performing printer meets the critical needs of the various markets requiring DEC emulation, such as healthcare and automotive industries. Lance Clark, the National Sales Manager for North America at DASCOM stated that “the LA1000 addresses those markets and more at a high level. We believe the speed, the durability of the printer, and the forms flexibility will be a winning combination. If customers are operating in a DEC environment they will find the LA1000 to offer some unmatched features at a price that is very affordable.”

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