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Datamax M-Class Display Cable Unplugging

Timmy Thermal TMDoes your Datamax M-Class Mark II printer display cable keep coming unplugged?
by Timmy Thermal

Do you have a M-Class Mark II printer? If so, keep reading, as I discovered some pertinent information concerning the M-Class Mark II. Datamax-O’Neil recently issued a technical bulletin about the display cable coming unplugged on this unit.

Apparently there have been multiple reports that the 32-2634-01 display cable has been coming unplugged from the 45-2027-01 display on the M-Class printers.
A change has been made to the printers, and a 13-0002-02 tie-wrap will now be run through the front panel opening in the centerplate to secure the 32-2634-01 cable close to the surface of the centerplate. This will restrict vertical motion of the cable during transit.

Below is a graphic showing the location of the tie-wrap on the printer:

datamax m-class display cable

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Datamax Technical Bulletin January 2015 – TB-CMP-12286 Display Cable Coming Unplugged From M-Class Printers

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