July 22, 2014 – Datamax-O’Neil Andes 3 EOL

Datamax O’Neil has announced the end of life for their Andes 3 portable printers.

A spokesperson with Datamax-O’Neil reported that, “the end of life was the 27th of June, 2014.Datamax Andes 3 If you currently own an Andes 3 unit, the last service date will be June 30, 2017.” He also went along to say that the Andes 3 unit would be replaced by the Datamax-O’Neil OC3 which sports an ergonomic design, the Datamax-O’Neil RL3 with diverse capabilities can go from the warehouse floor to the office with ease, and the Datamax-O’Neil APEX 3 which is light as a feather without compromising quality.

If you are still in the market for the Datamax-O’Neil Andes 3 unit, the Datamax-O’Neil spokesperson replied, “Standard discounts will still apply.”

You can find Datamax O’Neil portable thermal printers available for sale directly from MIDCOM as well as many other portable printers.

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