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Datamax-O’Neil Apex i Series Portable Printers

These days it seems like everything is done on smart phones. You can find your destination, play a mean game of Minecraft, turn your lights on before you get home, and just about anything else! And, that includes printing. If your business uses smart phones and would like to print from them, Datamax-O’Neil has you covered.

Do you have an Apple® iPhone, iPad or iPhone and would like to print from those devices – you’re in luck. Datamax-O’Neil has introduced their new version of Apex i series portable printers. The Apex portable printer is now available as an Apple® certified MFI printing solution that meets the growing demand of today’s B2B applications. The Apex i series portable printers utilize Apple® iOS devices with 2, 3 and 4 inch printing capabilities.

Datamax-O'Neil Apex i Series Printer
The Datamax-O’Neil Apex i series portable printers meet the growing demand of Mobile POS, route accounting and direct store delivery businesses. The lightweight design makes it easy for field service or point-of-sale employees to handle throughout their shift without discomfort.

The Apex i series portable printers also come equipped with the D-O (Datamax-O’Neil) Toolkit application to help easily adapt the portable printers to any work environment. It can be easily downloaded from the APP Store using iTunes. The D-O Toolkit offers several intuitive features including a “scan” module that will link the Apple® iOS device to the Apex i printer, allowing it to read and display various printer statistics, such as battery voltage, timer, temperature, remaining print buffer, and other important information.

Here are the major features of the D-O Toolkit:

  • Allows you to customize your print out settings
  • Has a hardware configuration tool
  • Bluetooth® Security setting feature

Today’s businesses are finding that smart phones are capable of so much more than just communication. Smart phone have replaced geriatric tools for business. Smart phones offer cost saving solutions that yesteryears technology cannot compete. Datamax-O’Neil has stepped up to today’s technology and is paving the way. The Apex i series portable printers are setting the stage for tomorrow’s portable device applications.

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