Datamax-O’Neil I-Class Mark II I-4310 Error Code Top of Form Fault

datamax-oneil printer salesProblem Description

The printer could not find the TOF within the Maximum label length setting , or TOF occurred in an unexpected place.


When using reflective media, this fault is given for an Out of Stock condition.

Corrective Action

If media is moving:

1) Press the FEED Key. it may be necessary to re-calibrate the printer;

2) The Media Sensor may be out of Position. Readjust it;

3) The media may not be properly loaded. Reload Media, ensuring that the Media Guide is properly positioned;

4) The Leveling Cam may be improperly adjusted;

5) The label may be longer than the value entered. Check the Media Settings/Maximum Label length;

6) The Media Sensor may be obstructed. Check and carefully remove any obstruction (labels, paper, dust, adhesive, etc).

If media is not moving:

The printhead assembly may not be locked.