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Datamax-O’Neil I-Class Mark II I-4606 Error Code Scanner Fault

datamax-oneil printer salesProblem Description

The scanner could not pass a bar code


This is normal when a bar code is unreadable.

Corrective action

Press the FEED Key to clear. If the bar code is free from anomalies(e.g., voids, insufficient quiet zones,etc.) yet the fault continues, try the following:

1. Ensure that the bar code is capable of being read by the scanner; see options documentation or the class series 2 programmer’s manual.

2. Adjust the heat value.

3. Enable only those bar codes to be decoded.

4. Decrease the Print Speed or increase the height of the bar code.

5. Decrease the Verification Level.

6. Ensure the ribbon used contains carbon-based inks.

7. Ensure that the label stock has a matte finish.

If fault does not clear, and the barcode is readable on other equipment, the bar code scanner may need alignment; consult the option’s instructions, or call for Service.

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