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Datamax-O’Neil I-Class Mark II I-4606 Error Code Top of Form Fault

datamax-oneil printer salesProblem Description

The printer could not find the TOF within the maximum label length setting, or TOF occurred in an unexpected place.


When using reflective media, this fault is given for an Out of Stock condition.

Corrective Action

If the media is moving:

1) Press the FEED key. It may be out of position. Readjust it.

2) The Media Sensor may be out of position. Readjust it.

3) The media may not be properly loaded. Reload media, ensuring that the media guide is properly positioned.

4) The Leveling cam may be improperly adjusted.

5) The label may be longer than the value entered. Check the Media Settings / Maximum Label Length.

6) The media Sensor may be obstructed. Check and carefully remove any obstruction (labels, paper dust, adhesive, etc).

If the media is not moving:

The printhead assembly may not be locked.

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