Datamax-O’Neil I-Class Mark II I-4606

datamax i-4606Print width (max) 4.16″(105.7 mm)
Print length range* 0.25″- 55″ (6.35 – 1397 mm)
Print speed 6 IPS (304 mm/s)
Resolution 600 DPI (8 dots/mm)
Memory (SDRAM/Flash) 32MB/ 64MB
Part Number: datamaxi4606 Availabilty: In-Stock
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Part Numbers:
Datamax-O’Neil I16-00-48040006, Datamax-O’Neil I16-00-48040C07, Datamax-O’Neil I16-00-48040L07, Datamax-O’Neil I16-00-4840007, Datamax-O’Neil I16-00-48400C07, Datamax-O’Neil I16-00-48400L07.