Datamax O’Neil M-Class Mark II M-4210

datamax m-4210Print technology Direct thermal / Thermal transfer(optional)
Print speed 10 IPS (254 mm/s)
Resolution 203DPI (8 dots/mm)
Maximum printwidth: – 4.25” (108mm)
Memory: – 16MBDRAM / 8MBFlash
Part Number: datamaxm4210 Availabilty: In-Stock
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Part Numbers:
Datamax-O’Neil KJ2-00-08000007, Datamax-O’Neil KJ2-00-08000V07, Datamax-O’Neil KJ2-00-08000Y07, Datamax-O’Neil KJ2-00-08400Y07, Datamax-O’Neil KJ2-00-08900007, Datamax-O’Neil KJ2-00-08900Y07, Datamax-O’Neil KJ2-00-48000007, Datamax-O’Neil KJ2-00-48000S07, Datamax-O’Neil KJ2-00-48000V07, Datamax-O’Neil KJ2-00-48000Y07, Datamax-O’Neil KJ2-00-48040007, Datamax-O’Neil KJ2-00-48040Y07, Datamax-O’Neil KJ2-00-48400000, Datamax-O’Neil KJ2-00-48400007, Datamax-O’Neil KJ2-00-48400307, Datamax-O’Neil KJ2-00-48400T07, Datamax-O’Neil KJ2-00-48400Y07, Datamax-O’Neil KJ2-00-48900007, Datamax-O’Neil KJ2-00-48900Y07, Datamax-O’Neil KJ2-J2-480000R7, Datamax-O’Neil KJ2-L1-480000V7, Datamax-O’Neil KJ2-L1-48000UV7, Datamax-O’Neil KJ2-L1-48000YV7.