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Mobile Printing Has Never Been Easier

Timmy Thermal TMMobile printing is becoming increasingly important – here is a great solution!
by Timmy Thermal

There is an old saying that “two heads are better than one”. Except for a few exceptions, that saying is always true. Mobile printing is not one of those exceptions. Motorola and Datamax-O’Neil have put their heads together and developed a new option for mobile printing, the PrintPAD. The PrintPAD combines the mobile computer technology of Motorola and the mobile printing technology of Datamax to provide a new convenient option for mobile printing

The PrintPAD itself has a rugged shell that provides an uncompromising standard for reliability. It is the only device of its kind with a 6-foot drop specification. Even in the extreme case that it does fall and break, it’s a Datamax-O’Neil product, so it’s backed with a 2 year warranty. Its graphics are state of the art, supporting the printing of general graphics, signature graphics, 1d barcodes, and 2d symbologies. It is further topped off with great power management with a decent battery life extended by a programmable sleep mode to power off when not being used, and a swipe style card reader that is built into the machine.

Let’s face it though nobody really cares about that individual stuff. It all needs to be taken into account, but what makes the PrintPAD special is the mobile compatibility with the mobile computer from Motorola. With this compatibility, it opens up a whole new line of features that can greatly increase the productivity of the users. To start, the PrintPAD case securely carries your mobile computer within its shell giving you an extra layer of protection for your mobile computer, while consolidating both items into one easy to carry package.

This tight design also gives your mobile computer direct connect to the mobile computer, rendering all those pesky wires and cords that you previously used to connect your mobile device to your printers useless and unneeded. When combining the card reader with the mobile computer and the connectivity options of the PrintPAD, you can grab and send info easily back and forth to the main frame or just wirelessly from the mobile handheld when not in the PrintPAD, to easily process payments and print receipts on the spot.

The PrintPAD even nails the power. Power can be tricky especially if you are using two different pieces of equipment with two different power sources. However, the PrintPAD eliminates that with the ability to charge both the handheld and the mobile printer simultaneously with a single adapter.

As always, the real question comes down to is it worth it? Yeah, it’s flashy and cool that you can sit your mobile computer into it, but is it worth a purchase? Short answer, Yes. Some of the features are not necessary, but in the end it will increase the productivity of your company. It also provides savings with the elimination of unneeded accessories, and with the extra protection on the mobile computer, maybe saves a couple broken mobile computers as well.

The saying ‘two heads are better than one’ has proved to be certainly true in case of the release of the PrintPAD.

Datamax-O'Neil PrintPAD in use

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