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Datamax Warranty Limitations

What are the limitations of a Datamax printer warranty?
by Timmy Thermal

Do you have a MIDCOM service plan on your Datamax printer? I’ve heard people say that they don’t want to buy a service plan because they are still under warranty. I’ve been looking at the Datamax lists of warranties recently, just for fun, and I noticed something really cool. There are two conditions in the Datamax warranty for how long it lasts, either an amount of time, or an amount that you have used it. This leaves more room to still be within your warranty. I put the information into an easy to read chart that makes it very simple to look at.

Datamax Warranty Chart

Datamax Warranty Chart
As you can see, some warranties last longer than others and they’re quite limited in what these warranties will actually cover. Datamax says that they won’t cover equipment that has been altered, misused, handled carelessly, neglected, or used in weird ways. They won’t cover damages from accidents or falls, water damage, or lightning even!

Make sure that you have a backup plan besides the warranty, because who knows what qualifies as ‘handled carelessly’. It could include dropping it, just once. Check out our “Priority Response” printer contract service plans, they’re an affordable addition to help cover some of these things that a warranty won’t include.

For service plans, you can download our “Priority Response” printer service contract brochure (pdf) or call us at (800) 643-2664. Go ahead and chat us up on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn!

*statistics taken from Datamax warranty pdf

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