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These Direct Thermal Labels Can Handle High Temperatures

Timmy Thermal TMThese new direct thermal labels can handle the heat!
by Timmy Thermal

Have you used or seen Zebra’s new Thermalock 4000D direct thermal labels in action?

Designed specifically for high temperatures and extreme applications, this new label technology boasts exceptional durability in all applications and a great cost effective option over other regular direct thermal materials.

It isn’t like most labels. Zebra Thermalock 4000D labels have a carbon layer on the side of the face sheet and when the print head hits the material there are little packets, like bubble wrap, that disappear causing the black carbon layer to appear. And, it is this design that provides the Zebra Thermalock 4000D label with its extreme durability qualities. Regular direct thermal label material is not engineered in this fashion. It is the changing of the composition of the label itself, which is technically a permanent change, and not a chemical change, that makes it less susceptible to the environment and thus more durable.zebra thermalock 4000d labels high temperatures

Unlike regular direct thermal labels, the Zebra Thermalock 4000D label is very resistant against UV lights and florescent lights. With direct thermal, fading is an issue over time, but Thermalock won’t.

As for cost comparisons, it is more costly than regular direct thermal labels, but you are paying for the premium capabilities and benefits of its longer life. It is less costly than other premium specialty materials.

Key highlights:

  • direct thermal, premium grade, silver polypropylene label with a permanent acrylic adhesive
  • resistant to most chemicals, UV lights and florescent lights
  • water resistant – made of polypropolene
  • weather resistant – withstands up to 18 months of outdoor exposure
  • prints well at speeds up to 6 inches per second
  • key applications – outdoor, warehouse, automotive, laboratory, compliance

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