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Disadvantages of Managed Print Services (MPS)

What Are The Disadvantages Of Expensive Managed Print Services That Should Be Considered Before Purchasing?

Peter PrinterHere are some risk factors involved with professional Managed Print Services.
by Peter Printer

Managed Print Service is the latest addition to printing industry that facilitates businesses with efficient document management. It allows businesses to outsource the task of printing and thereby, reduce costs. Many large businesses have opted for MPS, considering its benefits. However, a business has to consider various other factors before deciding on outsourcing the task.

Despite its immense benefits, the service isn’t suitable for all businesses. Make sure you consider the major risk factors before acquiring Managed Print Services.

Cost Factor:
Acquiring the services of a professional MPS may prove to be highly expensive. Maintaining printers and managing printing tasks on your own often helps you save cost. However, when you involve professionals for printing facility in your office space, make sure your business can afford paying their expenses.

Not every business needs professional services. The decision is driven by the size of office and number of employees. It is more beneficial for businesses that frequently require printing documents. The more the printing facilities are utilized, the more cost-effective it is to hire professional services.

Lack of Control:
When you hire a professional Managed Print Service, you delegate the control of managing printing tasks to professionals. You can’t decide when you should change or repair equipment. They monitor your activities to ensure that you handle the hardware as well as printing tasks in an efficient manner. However, it reduces your control over an important activity of your business.

It also introduces security risks for your business. The professionals tend to monitor the use of printing hardware and printing tasks. It may affect the privacy of your business as they can get their hands on some sensitive information that can harm your business. Therefore, unless you can deal with such issues on your own, it is not a recommended idea to outsource printing.

Unnecessary Delays:
When you acquire Managed Print Services, you lose control over printing tasks. If any printer stops working, you need to wait for a professional to repair it. This practice often causes unnecessary delay in carrying out printing tasks. It negatively affects the performance of your business.

You can’t repair any printer on your own if you’ve signed a contract with a professional service. Some of them also prohibit employees from replacing toner cartridges on their own. This leads to a delay in printing which is extremely harmful for small businesses.

Acquiring a professional Managed Print Service involves signing of agreements. This agreement bounds you to avoid replacing any printing hardware on your own. Moreover, this agreement often states that you must use equipment from a particular brand. You can’t use hardware of another brand even if it is of a higher quality. You need to think of such issues before signing the contract.

Managed Print Services have become quite popular during the past few years. They ensure your printing hardware stays in optimal condition and suggest you how to lower energy consumption. However, the benefits vary from business to business. Therefore, make sure you won’t face any problems in future before choosing a service provider.

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