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How Can The Disney CHEFS® App And Zebra Scanners Help The Food Service Industry?

Barry BarcodeThe Disney CHEFS® App by ICertainty: A Revolution in The Making for The Food Service Industry
by Barry Barcode

For the past decade or so, Disney has been quietly leading HACCP Food Safety technology in a bid to continuously improve and provide an overall safe, secure (and ultimately delicious) guest centric experience.

The Disney CHEFS® technology has now been introduced and refurbished over the past few years in a worldwide attempt to introduce additional supply chain elements to the mix and subsequently integrate the same.

As a responsible corporate enterprise, Disney’s core goal is to substantially increase the overall availability of multiple Disney® owned and licensed technological products with regard to the overall accessibility and safety for all those third-party users who are currently using them. Disney CHEFS® technology is one such venture that is currently available to a large number of non-Disney® owned and operated restaurants all over the world.

Screenshot of the Disney CHEFS® app:
disney chefs app screenshots

The Disney CHEFS® app is powered by iCertainty and as of now, is the defining standard for all digital HACCP, worldwide. This app provides operators and other professionals working in the foodservice with powerful business insights in a bid to mitigate and thereby reduce food and health related risks, while simultaneously working for overall improvements for greater operational efficiency throughout the industry.

Disney CHEFS® breakthrough technology in drive compliance has been designed to ensure that the mainstream customers who use it are easily able to replace their highly out dated and otherwise un-scalable paper tracking as well as reporting processes. They can do this courtesy a cutting edge mobile digital tool that successfully eliminates any need to use paper while simultaneously saving time and ensuring accountability.

“The Disney CHEFS® system, powered by iCertainty, is being integrated across all our food service locations. With Disney CHEFS®, we can continually improve our approach to food safety, taking us from hindsight to insight and foresight.”
    – Greg Hale, Chief Safety Officer and Vice President, Walt Disney Parks & Resorts

Some of the key features for the product include the following:

  • Offline mode with both Wi-Fi and USB as well as built in cell phone synchronization
  • Bluetooth temperature probe capability
  • HACCP proprietary Barcode Framework scanning function
  • Ability to capture both still images as well as digital signatures
  • The ability to pair both date and time stamps with GPS stamps
  • This app can also capture video and even PDF documents

The Android app can be accessed on the following Zebra Devices:

To learn more about Zebra’s mobile scanners and the Disney CHEFS® powered by iCertainty, or all of Zebra’s mobile barcode barcode scanners, call us at (800) 643-2664. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

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