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Fast and Steady SATO GL4 Series Printer

Fast and Steady Wins the Race!
by Timmy Thermal

Hey friends! Here is a product that might interest you when it comes to barcode label printing. There is an old adage that states “slow and steady wins the race”. However, the adage only compares a slow and steady racer to a fast and unsteady racer. What it doesn’t consider is a fast and steady racer. Well, in the thermal printer industry there are fast and steady racers and they include the GL4 Series from Sato.

The Sato GL4 Series printers are equipped with:

  • 4.1” print width
  • 203 or 305 dpi print resolution
  • 8MB Flash/32MB RAM
  • Direct Thermal or Thermal Transfer
  • RS-232, parallel, USB, W-Lan, Ethernet interfaces
  • RFID option
  • Real time clock option
  • Large LCD display
  • Easy to change printheads

These features provide the user of a GL4 Series printer with an affordable versatile printer that is easy to use. With its array of connections and its industry leading printer management utility, the GL4 Series thermal printers are one of the most flexible lines of printers out there. The field upgradable UHF RFID tracking provides a top of the line tracking making it ideal for industries such as Logistics Tracking and Asset Tracking. However, the real crowning feature is the speed. With up to 10 ips (254 mm/sec) printing speed, the GL4 Series will provide maximum printing speed for all your quick labeling needs. Making it a perfect fit for any shipping/receiving, retailing store or anywhere that quick and steady labeling is required. With the Sato GL4 Series printers, no longer will you be wasting time waiting for a label for packages or clothing that should have already been shipped or put on the shelve.

The adage is not wrong, it is just merely flawed. It didn’t account for the creation of a fast and steady variable. So, remember to still avoid fast and unsteady, but don’t settle for slow and steady. Win that race with speed and steadiness of a Sato GL4 Series thermal printer.

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