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Timmy Thermal Space ManZebra’s Innovative Fleet Management Solutions: The Future Is Now!
by Timmy Thermal

The delivery of the product to the end customer is a critical part of the customer service network of any product-based company. It is extremely important that the whole process should be highly visible so that any flaws can be immediately detected and rectified. This is where Zebra comes into the picture. From highly proactive maintenance and route planning all the way to the final proof of delivery, Zebra’s purpose-built partner software, ruggedhardware, as well as innovative solutions are the key to the success of any fleet management initiative. Some of them include the following:

o Confirmation of Delivery

Thanks to Zebra’s state-of-the-art solutions, it is now possible to easily find proof of both pick-up as well as subsequent delivery with the help of an electronic signature or even a photo record of the delivery. Apart from that, it will also validate the overall condition of the package at the time of delivery, thanks to Zebra’s rugged mobile computer and its associated printer solution capability.

o A Marked Increase in Overall Efficiency

Thanks to Zebra, it is now possible to plan various routes that are based entirely on their efficiency levels. Zebra’s mobile devices based on cutting edge technology are now able to provide multiple enterprise grade processing capabilities as well. This way the company operating the fleet is not really limited by the sheer volume of transactions that a driver can easily accomplish in a calendar day.

o Highly Proactive Field Communication

Zebra’s seamless connectivity capability allows the fleet’s drivers to stay in touch with control nodes through highly integrated data communication and voice capabilities of the mobile computers. These rugged, purpose-built products have been specifically designed to withstand the most rigorous journeys. In layman’s terms “They can take a licking and keep on ticking.”

zebra zt510

Zebra Fleet Management Package Delivery Barcode Label Printers

zebra tc70

Zebra Fleet Management Package Delivery Barcode Scanners

o Real-Time Monitoring of the Fleet

Zebra’s hardware solutions allow you to gain an overall visibility of not just the location but also the health of all your transport assets in the field. This is made possible with the help of real-time asset tracking as well as the telematic monitoring of the trucks and other vehicles in your field. This substantially reduces down time and also helps increase overall productivity.
There is no doubt, whatsoever, that when it comes to seamless fleet management solutions, Zebra rules the roost.

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