Freezer Grade Adhesive Labels

Don’t lick metal in the winter?
by Timmy Thermal

In our next series of blog posts, we are going to be taking a look at customized thermal labels. We’ll look into different types of labels and what applications they can be used for. First up: freezer grade adhesive labels.
Remember back in school how fun recess was during the winter? Playing with your classmates and building snowman, creating trails in the snow, and sticking your tongue to metal! Maybe not so much fun. Hey, but what choice do you have when you’ve been triple dog dared? Why does your tongue stick so well?
Now that you work in an environment that is around freezing, why won’t your thermal labels stick as well as your tongue did?
Are your thermal labels not functioning properly in extremely cold temperatures. Are they falling off their packing? Is the ink causing a problem? Not all labels are created equally. Different environments and applications call for different thermal labels. For example, if you’re working in frigid environments, you are going to need to use thermal labels specifically designed for extremely low temperature environments.
Finding a freezer label isn’t where the fun stops either. There are generally two types of freezer labels that you need to keep in mind when shopping for your freezer labels. The type of freezer label generally depends on whether you intend to use the labels in a freezing but dry environment, or a freezing environment where frost or moisture could be a factor in what the label needs to withstand. Freezer labels intended for dry environments are typically made of paper while those made for environments with frost and/or moisture are made of moisture-resistant synthetics like plastics and vinyl.
There are certain things that must be kept in mind when choosing the right label for your product. First and foremost, the label must be able to withstand drastic changes in environment. Going from dry, room-temperature environments to freezing cold ones to boiling hot environments is par for the course when it comes to freezer-grade labels. It’s imperative that they can withstand all of these changes and not only that, but hold up for extended periods of time.
On top of that, your labels need to be able to adhere to a variety of product types: cardboard, paper, waxed board, plastic, shrink wrap and much, much more. These materials all have different characteristics that make the way in which they react to changes in environment different. Paper won’t react to extreme colds the same way plastic will – something to keep in mind.
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