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What Is The Future of Scanning and Warehousing?

warehousing scanning future
Barry BarcodeWhat is the future of scanning and warehousing?
by Barry Barcode

Today’s warehousing environment is extremely busy and forever evolving and transforming with new technologies and advancements. Traditional barcode labels, RFID tags, readers, barcode scanners and data capture software along with increasing demands for high-speed mobile communication all work together to provide a network of processes within warehousing and logistics for improved productivity, accurate and timely information and cost efficiencies throughout the supply chain.

Many industry reports have studied and anticipate the following to happen and evolve within the warehousing industry over the next few years:thermal label printers

  • cause in shift in how business is performed and what customers expect due to the rapid growth of web-based technologies, social networking and mobile platforms
  • increase in wearable, mobile computer systems and data capture scanning equipment
  • new work flow and space design concepts for increased efficiencies and adaptation of mobilization requirements
  • increase in wireless systems, AIDC (automatic identification and data collection) and mobility to provide real-time data and available anywhere and at any time
  • continued increase in global regulations and demand for real-time product tracking and tracing compliance requirements
  • move towards warehouses becoming more asset centers instead of traditional distribution centers, to provide profitable growth for the business by improving the outbound, inbound and storage material handling capabilities
  • further increase ability to link, consolidate and integrate systems – eg. WMS (warehouse management system) with YMS (yard management system), ERP (enterprise resource planning) and TMS (transport management system)
  • testing and introduction of robots and drones for increased automation in picking and shipping

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