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Grocery Store Self Checkout

Grocery Store Self Checkout

by Barry Barcode


Oh boy, you’ll never believe what I did this weekend? I went on a date, with myself! Yes, I finally got a day off and I spent it doing some very fun activities… I played video games all day, but I also stopped by the grocery store to get snacks and drinks for my game day extravaganza. You know what literally blew my mind? THE SELF CHECKOUT! What an amazing invention, I don’t have to talk to anyone or be judged for the amount of cheesy poofs I throw in my cart, ahahaha. But it got me thinking, do people really use the self checkouts?grocery store self checkout

And then I came across a study all about it! Let me tell you, over at NCR they conducted a survey of 400 USA shoppers, half of them using the new self checkouts and the other half using cashier checkouts, and they found that both groups preferred self checkouts. The reason was due to the speed of the self checkout.

As a barcode scanner enthusiast, I was drooling over the functionality of the scanner point of sale and the ease of use. A majority of self checkout shoppers said that they agreed that retailers with self checkouts were offering better customer service. You can find self checkouts in Meijer, Walmart, Kroger, Publix, Safeway, and I’ve even seen one at Target. Even more grocery stores are beginning to incorporate them due to their large popularity.

More than two thirds of self checkout shoppers would prefer to see self checkouts expanded into different retail environments, from drug stores to DIY stores. That doesn’t mean that they want cashiers to be out of jobs though, the amount of goods in a customer’s basket was one of the bigger factors in deciding to use self checkout as they are normally 12 items or less. Many shoppers like self checkout when cashier lines are longer than they’d wish, as an easy alternative.

It got me thinking, how can self scan checkouts be combined with grocery store barcode scanning? Probably really well, and it’s a crowd pleaser as well. Combined with handheld barcode scanning for inventory, and cashier checkouts, the self checkout makes a powerful punch for customer satisfaction.

The grocery store industry is constantly changing and progressing through barcode scanning technology. For more information about barcode scanning in the Grocery Store Industry, check out our free Ebook, 2014 Guide to Grocery Store Barcoding.  With any more questions call MIDCOM at (800) 643-2664 or chat us up on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn!

2014 Guide to Grocery Store Barcoding


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