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How Is Mobile Printing Improving Healthcare?

Barry Barcode TMHow is mobile printing keeping up with today’s healthcare advancements?

by Barry Barcode

The world is no stranger to terrible technology launches and we all know that early adopters tend to bite the bullet when a newer, more refined version of the same product that has learned from its mistakes is released to the public. However, all of this negativity between healthcare and technology aside, technology is one of the most helpful improvements to the way hospitals and care facilities accommodate and heal their patients. In fact, some of the technology used in hospitals, such as barcode scanners and thermal printers, is exactly the technology helping so much today!

Zebra (Motorola Solutions) is one company that has been providing these technological enhancements to healthcare facilities, such as the Four Seasons Long-Term Care and Bumrungrad International Hospital, for years. The Four Seasons Long-Term Care facility has improved efficiency amongst their staff, which has led to more time spent with patients and thus improved patients’ sense of well-being.Zebra QLn220 Mobile Printer

“We decided to go with a wireless technology because technology that is wired really just replicates what paper does, which is to chain caregivers to a nurse’s station,” says Administrator of Four Seasons Nursing & Rehabilitation Center Caroline Rich.

Zebra Technologies offers healthcare solutions as well through a variety of printers and other products. One of the biggest problems facing healthcare facilities is the mislabeling of specimen, Zebra says.

“Specimen labeling errors accounted for more than fifty-five (55.5%) percent of identification errors in a study conducted by the College of American Pathologists,” Zebra says. “A leading cause of wrong site surgery is the switching, mislabeling, or incorrect display of test specimens or results.”

Zebra Technologies has a mobile printer known as the Zebra QLn220 that enables healthcare professionals to print each patient’s correct label right at their bedside, minimizing the chance of mislabeling.

honeywell datamax rl4eHoneywell (Datamax O’Neil) also offers mobile printers for use in healthcare services for things ranging from blood bag and test tube labels to proper patient wristbands, all of which are complimented by their ease of use with barcode scanners.

“Our full line of products seamlessly supports barcode technology for the healthcare industry to reduce errors, ensure privacy, and improve patient safety for admissions, laboratories, and pharmacies,” Honeywell (Datamax O’Neil) says.

These are just some of the companies whose products we sell and service daily that offer solutions for the healthcare industry. From thermal label printers to barcode scanners, MIDCOM offers repair services on hundreds of products nationwide. To learn more about our repair services call us at (800) 643-2664. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

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