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Honeywell Hands Free Meds Administration

Honeywell Hands-Free Scanning for Meds Administration
by Barry Barcode

Honeywell is shaking things up a bit in the healthcare industry with their hands-free barcode scanner. In the YouTube video below, Honeywell demonstrates what a hands-free barcode scanner can do for your medical personnel.
The video brings up the points that with having to use one hand for the barcode scanner and one hand to hold the item-to-be-scanned, both hands are obviously being occupied, time is wasted arranging the items carefully, the personnel are distracted from the patient, and it can be difficult to work in a dark room. These are all pretty obvious problems, but Honeywell suggests that a hand-free barcode scanner might be the perfect solution to all of these issues.

Not only does this barcode scanner function hands-free, it is also cordless and makes moving around a patient’s room that much easier, not having to worry about a cord being long enough or getting in the way. When not docked, the button on the dock serves as a pager to locate the wireless scanner if it has been misplaced. When docked, the same button puts the scanner in “Presentation Mode”. Presentation Mode turns the scanner into a work lamp and lets the medical personnel use the scanner hands-free.
It’s a pretty nifty solution that surely turns everyday scanning tasks into a snap. Hands-free solutions are always a help, and if it can help medical personnel perform their job more efficiently, I’m all for it.
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