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Supply Chain Issues Affecting Businesses

How Are Supply Chain Issues Affecting Businesses?

It seems that supply chain issues will get worse. From computer chip shortages to port congestion to the lack of truck drivers, there are several supply chain issues that the global economy has to face.

These supply chain issues have raised prices and are slowing down economic recovery across the world. And these supply chain issues will get more serious, according to Moody’s Analytics.

Supply Chain Issues

Supply chain issues are hitting different sectors in the most unexpected ways. The most obvious reason for many of these problems is covid-19.

But other problems are making supply chain issues even worse. The most important of these is the global chip shortage. The chip shortage is slowing down production everywhere because many products need chips to operate. Hence, the global chip shortage has slowed down the production of cars because modern automobiles need chips to make their built-in technologies work.

As a result of the chip shortage, the global production of automobiles has gone down by millions of cars.

So how to get around supply chain issues?

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A Solution to Supply Chain Issues

You need a robust plan to resolve supply chain issues. You need to cover your warehouse equipment with a thorough maintenance plan to ensure that operations proceed smoothly without interruptions.

Downtime due to faulty equipment is a key reason why warehouse operations get disrupted. You need printer and barcode scanner protection plans to ensure that faulty equipment does not hinder warehouse operations.

Downtime can cost a huge amount of money to the average warehouse. Many problems can arise due to malfunctioning printers and barcode scanners.

There will be inventory management problems, and you will be unable to fulfil customer orders on time. Labor costs will increase because data entry will have to be done manually. This will also slow down the pace of warehouse operations.

The workflow will slow down, and there will be inaccuracies in processing customer orders. You could also be hit with compliance fines because of data inaccuracies.

Your barcode scanners and printers help you keep track of inventory levels and management. Thanks to such equipment, you can manage your inventory and know how it is moving. Your warehouse workers are relying on this equipment to expedite the workflow so that customer orders are fulfilled on time.

Therefore, your printers and barcode scanners have to be in good working condition for warehouse operations to proceed smoothly. For that, you need a good printer and barcode protection plan so that your warehouse equipment works flawlessly.

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Bottom Line

A good printer and barcode protection plan can help you get around many supply chain issues.

According to expert forecasts, supply chain issues will get worse. Hence, you must plan in advance to ensure that your supply chain works seamlessly. One way of doing that is to sign up for the MIDCOM Service Group printer and barcode protection plan to keep your warehouse equipment in good running order. Talk to one of our Specialists now by calling toll-free (800) 643-2664.

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