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Food and Beverage Industry

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How Barcode Label Software Helps Food And Beverage Industry

The food and beverage industry is currently one of the most rapidly growing and largest in the world. It also experiences the highest international trade and flow of imports and exports as raw materials for foods and beverages. Final products are also shifted constantly between countries.

This is due to certain reasons like the-ever increasing population which creates greater demand. It is also due to rising standards of living and purchasing power in developing countries, which fuels demand for food and beverage.

Combine this rapid escalation in demand and supply for more units of food and beverage with increasing standards and requirement of accountability and traceability – you have a supply chain crisis waiting to happen! This leads to several supply chain problems for the food and beverage industry. Some of the main ones briefly are:

1. Traceability Issues

The increasingly wide supply chain with more stringent regulations is making it hard to keep track of goods from the beginning stage to the final stage.

2. Safety and Quality Compromised

The sheer volume of product being traded means that safety and quality cannot be assured at every stage.

3. Lack of Communication

The increased volume of goods being added to the supply chain from new outlets every day means communication gaps are created.

Advantages of Barcode Label Software

Modern barcode label software, if implemented correctly and diligently, can help solve or scale down the vast majority of these problems. It is important to realize that barcode label software is much more than simple ticket-printing of the past. It can house complex and multipurpose information which can be synced with fast and responsive online cloud platforms. This enables rapid exchange of information, which gives rise to several benefits for the food and beverage industry.

1. Tracking Shipment Distribution

With barcode label software being standardized and implemented across the world, it is now possible to have minute-to-minute updates of the shipments. You can keep a track of various checkpoints, where the shipment is, who has it, and when it will reach the destination. This can allow easy tracking which is necessary for running a successful food and beverage supply chain.

2. Recording Expiry Dates

Modern barcode label software makes it convenient to record and keep track of expiration dates. Previously, the expiry dates were separately printed. This made it difficult to keep track of the expiry status, particularly if a batch was broken into multiple shipments. However, with barcodes, this information can now be fed into the labels. This can ensure greater and more accurate record-keeping.

3. Eliminating Contamination and Quality Defects

If an item of a particular batch is found to be contaminated or has a serious quality defect, then with the help of barcode label software, it becomes easier to recall and destroy that bad batch. This can save and prevent public ridicule, blame, and fallout for food and beverage companies.

4. Reducing Over-purchasing

Due to faulty tracking and late deliveries, retailers often over-order the goods from suppliers. This can lead to waste. With modern barcode labeling, which provides concrete updates of shipment status as well as shipment size and inventory number, a retailer and buyer can keep track of how much product is due and required.


These are the various advantages that modern barcode label software can bring to the food and beverage industry. It is the need of the hour to implement this technology to improve the quality of food items and drinks delivered to the end customers. Talk to one of our Printer & Barcode Technology Specialist about barcode label software for the food and beverage industry now (800) 643-2664.

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