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How Can Dot-Matrix Printers Help In The Freight Industry?

Peter PrinterDot-matrix printers still can play a valuable roll in the freight industry.
by Peter Printer

Regardless of the industry or the particular use, printers play a very crucial part in any operation. This is very much the case in the freight distribution and logistics industry. A great example of this can be found in a case study of Schenck Process GmbH and their use of various Dascom dot-matrix printers throughout their operations.

Schenck Process GmbH is an international company with thousands of employees in over 27 locations over the world. They are a market leader in all automated measuring and process technologies, specializing in a wide range of solutions for weighing, feeding, screening, loading and unloading. They develop, produce and operate equipment (ie. crane scales, train scales, truck scales, etc.).dot-matrix freight delivery

In order for safe protocolling when measuring and weighing, Schenck Process prints out the recorded weight data using dot-matrix printers from Dascom. Schenck Process relies on these printers as protocol printers because copies are often required and the interference-free Dascom products are best protected against shocks. As well, they also require printers with USB interfaces to be able to easily connect printers and scales to customers’ IT systems, and Dascom’s model T2240/24 adapts all scale models to the special requirements of the USB interface.

Schenck Process in their offset printing is very reliant on the USB interface in their terminals as they provide a standard response as to whether the print was successful or not. The protocol printers display erroneous protocols as well as feeding or loose bulk. The floor printers are used with crane scales and the data is communicated wirelessly to the computer. For both of these applications, Schenck Process uses Dascom model 1125. A great benefit of the 1125 is that by simply flicking a switch it can be change from continuous paper feed to single sheet feed. With their truck scales, Schenck Process uses Dascom model 1325 flatbed printer as it is suited where multiple copies are required. Truck scales require four copies are required.

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