Warehousing Hidden Costs

How is mobile printing solving these hidden problems?

How Can Mobile Printing Solve A Problem You Didn’t Even Know You Had?

How mobile printing can solve hidden warehouse problems.

Without realizing it, you may be squandering a lot of time in the receiving dock. Which is bad news since it is detrimental to your workflow and productivity.

But that’s not all. There are other more insidious problems that plague warehouses.

The error rate may also be an order of magnitude higher. Personnel often have to waste time walking a much longer distance than they should.

Supervisors and managers often take these issues for granted as the status quo and are often oblivious of remedies to these key logistics problems.

Mobile Printers

Mobile printers are a neat solution for these productivity issues. The beauty of these platforms is that they are highly mobile due to which you can easily shift industrial printers and computers anywhere you like with near-effortless ease.

When placed at an optimal strategic position, these mobile platforms reduce the distance that personnel must traverse in a given day; which means more work done in less time with less hassle.
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Mobile Platforms

These mobile platforms have robust construction and sturdy design due to which they can easily house full-scale industrial printers and desktop computers. They are thus ideal for serving as the operational nexus of your logistics facility.

Mobile printing workstations are capable of accommodating the following equipment:

  • Scanners
  • Laptops
  • Thermal label printers
  • Dual monitors
  • Laser printers
  • Scales
  • Testing devices
  • RFID devices
  • Dimensional scanners

Thus, you can transform a wide array of devices into mobile or portable equipment using the mobile workstation.

Mobile Workstation Advantages

Instead of restricting your personnel and workflow processes to fixed locations, you can deploy these mobile workstations to instill freedom of movement and portability to equipment that is otherwise considered immobile.

This is a massive advantage since you can alter the work floor without a major overhaul, renovation, or remodeling. Simply push the mobile workstation to the right spot and you are done. With the right solution, it is really that convenient.

Logistics personnel can shift the mobile platforms to an optimal spot so that printers, computers, scanners, and other key accessories are always accessible and within easy reach. This can expedite workflow and lead to much greater worker satisfaction.

Printing, scanning, and computing on the go is no longer a distant dream. Mobile platforms furnish this vital capability to companies that desire greater productivity.

Massive Savings

Companies can realistically expect to save tens of thousands of dollars by using these mobile platforms. That’s because these platforms lead to higher productivity which greatly reduces labor costs.

Since workers can park these mobile platforms anywhere they please in the facility, they save a lot of time on walking to and from their workstations for tasks like computing, printing, scanning, and more.

You can save thousands of man-hours of labor this way. This translates to labor savings that can run into tens of thousands for smaller firms.

For larger firms, the savings will be even greater.

Thus, mobile printing can expedite workflow, save plenty of money and allow you to deliver on ETAs promised to customers.

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